What Do I Wear? I’m Scared!

Halloween costumes can be tricky, but we’re here to help make them a treat

Ana X. Martínez Lima (she/her) // Contributor
Chelle Lussi (she/her) // Crew Illustrator

For many, the most anticipated time of the year has arrived. Horror movies, hot chocolate, candy, the sound of rain in the background while lying on the couch with your favorite blanket, and of course, Halloween.

One of the most exciting prospects is definitely the costume parties, or just dressing up as your favorite character and going out trick-or-treating. But here’s the biggest question of all: what do you wear?

A wide variety of styles and preferences emerge when it comes to choosing a costume. Inspiration can come from cartoons,TV series, books or other scary ideas. Often, people prefer to use clothes they already have in their closet. Others may not mind investing a little (or a lot) in their costume. Here is some inspiration for  solo or group costumes, and ways to add the final touches for an incredible day or night, however you choose to celebrate it. 

Each year, some of the most popular costumes come from new movies and TV shows. Knowing that, there are some common costumes that will likely turn up a few times this year. Two popular movies of 2023 were The Little Mermaid and Barbie, so expect different versions of costumes for these characters. If Barbie or Ken are options that catch your eye for costumes, this is the perfect time to rock it. It might also be one of the easiest to achieve on a low budget, maybe without even spending a cent. 

One of the characteristics of the Barbie movie is that everything (or almost everything) is pink, the different shades do not matter. Every detail contributes to the maximalist style that makes these outfits different and unique, from sequins, to a boa, to your flashiest handbag or fanny pack (preferably with a Kenergy  monogram). Upgrade your outfit with some sunglasses, heels, or a scarf. If you don’t find enough pink clothing in your closet, you can always ask to borrow something from your friends or family. You’ll probably find what you need in other closets to become a part of the Barbie world.

An easy costume that fits the spooky season this year is Wednesday Addams, as well as the other members of the Addams family. With a black dress and a white collared shirt underneath, you have already practically completed the costume, just add braided hair to finalize the look. This character can be worn as a couple or with friends, each dressing as a member of the Addams family, such as her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, her brother Pugsley, or her uncle Fester. This option is simple, quick, suitable for groups, and has a touch of horror that suits the occasion.

Another idea that will make you a costume all-star is the movie Shrek. The franchise is full of different characters and options. It is simple, fun, and inclusive. Shrek could even be the theme of its own costume party. For this theme, you can draw inspiration from many fun and easy characters like Donkey, Dragon, and of course, Shrek and Fiona. 

If you don’t mind, you can buy some green paint to paint your face and look for a DIY on Pinterest to make your own Shrek ears. For Donkey, you can wear some gray clothes and find an easy way to make the ears and tail. The Three Blind Mice is a really easy group costume. With some white clothes, dark sunglasses, homemade ears and tails, and a stick, you will be rocking the day.

Keeping up with the group focused costumes, some ideas for you and your friends might be the cast of Harry Potter, Mean Girls, Greek gods and goddesses, the Spice Girls, and many more. It’s up to you how much life you want to bring to your character and what your budget is. If you want to invest a bit more, you can order your costume from Amazon or have it custom-made by a seamstress.

Don’t hesitate to use your imagination and all your creativity to bring your chosen character to life. Look for videos on YouTube, DIYs on Pinterest or affordable costumes on Amazon; you will find a way to look incredible in your costume this Halloween. At the end of the day, the only thing that will remain are the memories of an incredible night with your friends. Finding a costume can be a bit tricky, but hopefully, this year it will be a treat. 

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