Jessica Lio

avid hickory stick enthusiast. dogless. breakin' toes since 2008.

Frida’s coffee shop

Of all the places I’ve ever done gongfu tea, my very favorite is my uncle’s living room. A true tea connoisseur, he took a personal interest in educating me and my American partner about tea during our last visit to my hometown of Fuzhou. And then again, I am ruining the Tea Road by being […]


New York, Old York

Anyone who’s spent a fair amount of time in the world’s hostel dormitories will have met the culprit. He sits there on the bottom bunk, emaciated tanned limbs protruding from a Bintang vest and a pair of baggy pyjama trousers printed with a flailing dragon, and then he starts to witter. Go to Chinatown, alone, […]