Fright Nights Is Underrated

Why everyone should buy a ticket this spooky season

Eugenia Trevino (she/her) // Contributor
Siobhan Barry (she/her) // Illustrator

Fright Nights at Playland is an annual event that happens every October. It has thrilling attractions, multiple choices for food and drinks, festival games, and haunted houses.  The rides range from The Beast to the West Coast Wheel. Due to the different levels of heights and views, there are rides for all people, including people who don’t like to be extreme, such as the ferris wheel. 


It is a fun place to go with friends and loved ones. The staff dress in costume, and they fully commit to their roles. Although the tickets might seem pricey for some people, I believe it is worth going to Fright Nights — as it is more thrilling than the PNE fair. Fright Nights is underrated, and everyone should try and make it a Halloween tradition. 


First, during the yearly fall event, rides are  included in the ticket price, as opposed to the PNE where you have to spend money per ride you want to experience. Most of the rides offered in summer are available in October as well and there is something for adrenaline lovers and those that enjoy a slower pace. 


As someone who enjoys the slower side of things, I enjoyed the less extreme aspects of the park. You will find no shortage of creative costumes and staff committed to scaring guests of the event. The creepiest people wandering the crowds are the menacing clowns, ready to terrorize anyone walking by. The fear of someone popping out at you creates an exciting environment not offered in many other places. 


The ride that is the most popular for people who like extreme rides is The Beast. Although I am not brave enough to get seated on that spinning, swinging deathtrap, I can’t help but watch the terrifying screams coming from riders. The Hellevator is a  brief but thrilling experience, a ride that drags you up and down. I didn’t like it, but can see why many keep lining up. Lastly, the ideal ride for adrenaline and non-adrenaline lovers alike is called Atmosfear. Every time I visit Playland, I never miss the chance to swing above the grounds. It’s a nice break from the more intense rides. Plus, the view of all the costumes, spooky lighting and Halloween pleasure being had below is incredible.  


Most of the food found at the stands are the classic options to be had during the PNE. The less exciting aspect of Fright Nights is the food, but it’s not bad for amusement park dining. There are enough choices for all kinds of eaters, and the mini donuts will fill you up.


I hope this year will be just as exciting as the last time I went. Fright Nights is offering scary attractions, such as Keepers Doll Factory, Haunted Mansion, Materia Medica, and the newest creepy fortress, The Void. Although I haven’t gone to all of them yet, I’m ready for a memorable and thrilling experience that the staff is sure to provide. After all, what would Halloween be without some entertaining spookiness? 


For anyone that enjoys creepiness, this should be on their Vancouver bucket list. Even if you don’t go every year, it will be an unforgettable moment that will create a lifetime of memories. If you’re anything like me, you will be excited to go back and see what’s different from the last visit.  


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