Are you interested in volunteering for your campus paper? Well, this isn’t the place.

Most student newspapers across Canada still follow an archaic volunteer system – yes, getting students to write and work for them for free. The Capilano Courier has long championed a format that allows us to pay our contributors for every article written, illustration drawn, graphic designed, and photo taken.

The easiest way to get involved with the Courier is by signing up to receive our online pitch doc, which is sent out roughly twice a month, by emailing stating your interest.


I can’t find your office, where are you anyway?

Ah, the most common question we get. To get to our office, you must first take a lovely stroll in Capilano University’s iconic on-campus forest. Once past the woods, you’ll see the majestic and very expensive Bosa building. That’s not where our office is. Look below Bosa and you’ll see a smaller, much older one-level building. This is Maple. Inside Maple is a recently renovated lounge, complete with a state-of-the-art pool table, a highly popular foosball facility, and some of CapU’s most glorious interior design work. That’s still not our office. Our office is in Maple 122, past the nice lounge and beside two giant dumpsters.

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The only thing I’m good at writing are Tinder bios, is that okay?

That’s even better than okay! We don’t require any sort of experience from our contributors. We just want your interest and enthusiasm. The Courier has a roster of editors equipped with a very particular set of skills. If you come to our pitch meetings and pick up a story, the editors will help you. The editors will train you. You will develop and improve. If you don’t. Well, I guess that’s that.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

Absolutely. We hire our full-time editors every summer prior to the fall semester, and most of the hires come from the most impressive members of our contributor pool. So, write a few articles and you can be an editor sooner than you think. If you can dream it, you can do it!

For more information, email