Meet Natasha Mrkic-Subotic, New Acting Dean of Global and Community Studies

Visit her in FR 541

Bridget Stringer-Holden (she/her) // News Editor
Anais Bayle (she/her) // Illustrator

This fall, Natasha Mrkic-Subotic became the new acting dean of Global and Community Studies. The Faculty includes four schools: Tourism, Kinesiology, Public Administration and Outdoor Recreation Management.

Mrkic-Subotic went through the interview process to become Dean because she believes she can make a difference. It’s an acting dean position, which is only a one-year appointment. “It’s an opportunity to see what being a dean is like, and also an opportunity to see how I can contribute,” she said, adding how she’s excited about the new Squamish campus announcement and what it might mean for her department.

Previously, Mrkic-Subotic taught marketing, leadership and cross-cultural courses in the School of Business. She was the Enactus faculty advisor, and remains on the board of non-profit organization CityStudio.

She is also involved in COIL (collaborative online international learning), where CapU faculty are connected with faculty from abroad to help implement projects for students.

“Less than three per cent of Canadian students travel [internationally],” shared Mrkic-Subotic, “but if you’re exposed to it in the classroom and you’re working on projects together in the classroom with students from another country, then you’re going to get that travel bug and want to go meet your friends.”

Work integrated learning is something that has been a priority for Mrkic-Subotic since she came to CapU. In the School of Business, she was a part of Entrepreneurship at CapU — a program that allowed students to access free workshops about entrepreneurial thinking, mentorship from entrepreneurs-in-resident, and dozens of paid work integrated learning job opportunities.

These types of opportunities are one of the reasons she loves working at CapU. “I love the students, and the culture is great because it’s a culture of innovation and applied learning,” she shared. “I came to Cap on a trial basis, but I really really liked it, and it’s been two years now and I’m definitely, completely CapU now.”

While she’s going through the adjustment period at her new role, Mrkic-Subotic said that the first couple days have been great — talking to students and meeting everyone in the department.

Her new office sits at the top of the “Fir grind” in FR 541, and she emphasizes that her door is always open.

“We’re here for students. If you have an idea for Squamish, I want to hear it. If you see me in the hallway, stop me. Come talk to me.”

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