Sweater Weather is Better Weather

Sure, vitamin D is nice but it’s no PSL

Jayde Atchison (she/her) // Opinions Editor
Chelle Lussi // Illustrator

As much as I enjoy the summer — beach days, cold beers on a hot patio, volleyball, and an influx of freckles — I’m an elder emo kid who can only do so much sun. I don’t get the serotonin boost that a lot of people get from a rise in temperature. I can definitely get behind longer daylight hours and the overall happy atmosphere that summer offers, but I know my happiness stems from the touch of red that slowly creeps down the tree leaves in September. I have embraced my love of autumn and know that my prime reignites when the pumpkin spice latte drops. 


In the warmer months, there is a sense of sociability that needs to be adhered to, or else you’re ‘wasting a perfectly good day.’ I’m not often in Vancouver, so the odd days I was home and didn’t feel like leaving my house it never felt like a satisfying lazy day at home. I would stress that I should be doing something outside, soaking in those rare rays of sunshine before we hit the perpetual rain. My ghostly white complexion is only able to handle so much summer sun before I need to seek a shady spot and stake a claim. 


When you bail on plans, or have a day to yourself in October you can typically do it guilt free — the gusty winds, the chilling rain, the darkening sky, it all adds up to the perfect excuse to find that oversized blanket, light those pumpkin candles, and cozy up with a book. No one will blame you for not joining in on the outdoor activities when they’re probably thinking of doing the same. For some, bundling up and staying stagnant for upwards of eight hours may sound like torture, but for me it is giving my inner child everything she ever wanted. 


Sign me up for Gilmore Girls rewatches, autumnal hues of rustic red and sunflower yellow. Give me an abundance of oversized sweaters and leather pants without the fear of sweat. I want to know I can leave my house in a chic fall outfit and there’s no chance I will have to layer up or down. October is the ultimate month for those aesthetic ‘fits you’ve been holding out on. Get dressed up and walk through Stanley Park on a foggy day while listening to Fleetwood Mac and fulfill the witchy vibes you’ve been craving all year (surely I can’t be the only one). 


Sipping on hot drinks is possible all year round, but it is only truly satisfying when you can start to see the hint of your breath in the air. While providing the warmth you need, it is also a tasty treat to remind you that autumn is delicious. If pumpkin spice isn’t your jam, the apple alternatives are a very sweet alternative. Let your basic bitch shine — embrace her and allow yourself the indulgences, no matter how mainstream or silly they may be. There is something special about going to a pumpkin patch with your best friend and getting caught up in the whimsy of the day. 


Halloween is just one day in October, but it is truly a force that overpowers the month. The haunting lights, the fog covered roads, the trees already naked from their yearly shedding, the movies and television shows being released to embody the vibe. All of it is on brand for the holiday, and who doesn’t love when a theme is committed? 


Try not to mourn the summer, or the hotter days — we know they’ll be back next year with a vengeance. For now, bask in the colours changing around you, dig your favourite hoodie out of the closet, watch your favourite movie series that feels like autumn (mine is Lord of the Rings). Realize that the season is telling you it’s okay to rest without guilt, so enjoy the mood setting sound of rain falling outside your room, because before you know it, it will be too cold or dark to appreciate what’s outside your window.

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