Sweat-proof date ideas to keep you cool when the heat turns up

It’s getting hot in hurr

Sweat-proof date ideas to keep you cool when the heat turns up


We all love the summer, but we also hate all the sweat that comes with it. While the sun may look inviting, heat waves have become a constant obstacle from enjoying the weather, making us all sticky and agitated. Leave the Netflix-and-chilling indoors and try out one of these date ideas next time you’re looking to leave the sweating for a later time:

Ice Cream Dream

I was taken on an ice cream adventure date before, and it was absolutely awful, mainly because I’m vegan. Vancouver has so much to offer in terms of food and we’re absolutely spoiled to have so many establishments that tend to dietary needs and restrictions. Hit up a few must-try ice cream shops including: La Casa Gelato’s ridiculous variety of flavours, Soft Peaks’ organically and locally sourced ingredients, Virtuous Pie and Earnest Ice Cream for dairy-free options and Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery’s selection of elaborate soda-shoppe-inspired sundaes and floats. Worst case scenario, the date sucks but you at least got to down your weight in ice cream.

**Swap Ice Cream for outdoor happy hour patios halfway if it’s really going downhill.


This is your time to show your date just how fast you can finish. This will make you look super cool. You will probably have to go to Richmond for this. This could be your practice for the real-life Mario Kart racing that is apparently coming to Vancouver soon.

The Lakes Look Great

If you took any sort of geography class in elementary or high school, you had to learn the differences between islands and peninsulas. One of the most valuable bit of information I took away from that segment was that land surrounded by bodies of water are colder and windier. Despite the possibility of the sun beating on you, the possibilities to keep cool are endless. Options include kayaking in Deep Cove or Deer Lake Park, tubing with a case of beer, speed boating or taking a stroll around Stanley Park. If you’re a pervasive sweater, this water-fun date is your best disguise.

Art Galleries and Museums

I don’t think I have ever watched a television show that hasn’t had one episode where one of the main characters goes on a date at an art gallery or s museum. For the pretentious, it is finally your moment to shine, and for those of us who can only name Monet, Picasso, Fowlie or Wada as famous artists, maybe this will inspire you to pick up an art history class as an elective in your next semester.

A few more to give a whirl: pottery or cooking classes, live music nights in the entertainment district, movie nights in the park, board game night, BBQ with the parents, and if you just can’t bear it anymore, hold hands and get to know each other in front of an open freezer.

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