Ice Stine’s Guide to the Best Ice Cream


La Glace

2875 West 16th Avenue, Kitsilano

Favourite flavour: Café à la lavande

La Glace is an Instagrammer’s dream summertime destination. The ice cream parlour has a real Parisian vibe to it with its white marble countertops and turquoise and gold detail. The parlour only opened last August, but it became one of my favourites before it even opened its doors. Owner Mark Tagulao came into the Western Living and Vancouver Magazine office where I was working as an intern in July bearing samples of his delicious French ice cream. His options are lighter and creamier because of their French style – using whipped egg yolks and more cream, with cashew milk in its place for their vegan treats. Citron has a sour tang and has more flavour than any other lemon ice cream. But the real winner is café à la lavande, a creamy coffee infused with lavender.

Bella Gelateria

1001 West Cordova Street, DT Vancouver

Favourite flavour: Akbar Mashti

Former-owner James Coleridge used imported Italian ingredients to make his gelato. Every flavour on the menu was rich and creamy, so it’s no wonder the lineup snaked outside and around the corner of the building every time I went. The establishment is now under new management and we’ve been assured that the quality of the ice cream has not changed. Flavours like Fior di Latte (flower of milk) – which is just milk with no added flavouring, is wonderfully smooth and creamy. However, Akbar Mashti really pops off the menu. The Persian recipe combines hints of saffron, rose water, Devonshire cream and pistachio for a rich combination of flavours. Truly the best treat in town.

Gelato Express

4379 Gallant Avenue, Deep Cove

Favourite flavour: Taro and Matcha

Sure, it’s just like any other ice cream parlour in town, but it’s in such a tempting spot that I feel inclined to stop for a treat after trekking to Quarry Rock and back. Gelato Express has a decent selection of gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbetto – whatever tickles your fancy. And because I’m fond of Italian ice cream in Japanese flavours, I regularly go for a double scoop of Matcha and Taro. Matcha is a Vancouver favourite in everything from affogatos to motchi. Taro is a little harder to come by. It’s a purple root vegetable that makes a surprisingly tasty treat, and paired with matcha the two flavors offer the perfect combination.

Welcome Parlour

277 8th Street East, Middle Lonsdale

Favourite flavour: Apple pie

This antiquated parlour is built out of a red heritage house called Hodson Block down a side street, making it the perfect stop on a stroll or a picnic. Welcome Parlour nods back to 1909, when the original parlour on Lonsdale sold general supplies. A photo of Lonsdale Avenue of old adorns the wall behind the marble-topped wooden bar. The parlour prides itself on serving only natural ice cream, including apple pie, coconut lime, birthday cake and maple bourbon, which are also available as floats mixed with soda. The apple pie comes with chunks of sugar-dusted apple and cinnamon pie crust in it. Meanwhile the classic mint chocolate chip may not come in a vivid green hue, but it has the perfect amount of mint flavouring.

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