CSU to host Halloween themed party on campus

Pre-midterms celebration comes just over a month after costly, but successful Captivate

Natasha Jones // Contributor

What do Midterms and Halloween have in common? Both will give you a good scare. This year, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) will be hosting Nightmare Before Midterms, a Halloween party that will be taking place on Oct. 27 at Capilano University. Students will have something spooky to look forward to this Halloween, and it will be happening right here on campus.

Led by Yats Palat, vice president student life, the CSU’s Nightmare Before Midterms will be happening in the Members Centre (located in the Library building) from 5 to 9:30 p.m., and an after party will also be planned for those who wish to keep on partying later into the evening.

Nightmare Before Midterms will be a free event and doors will be open to the first 150 students who arrive.

The Members Centre will be decorated a week prior, creating a spooky Halloween-like atmosphere and giving students a sneak peek of what’s to come. By Friday, the space will be fully lit up and decorated. There will also be a DJ so be prepared to dance. Liquor and food will be served as well and costumes are expected, but not mandatory. There may, however, be a prize for the best costume.

A little over a month ago, Palat and the CSU hosted Captivate, back to school party that debuted this year in the Cedar Courtyard. A stage and high quality sound system was set up and DJs performed throughout the day. There was also a beer garden, food trucks and a prize wheel. Overall, the atmosphere on campus was very positive and Captivate was well received among students.

Although Captivate was a great way to kick off the school year, the event was also costly and as a result, not much is left in this year’s budget. From the $5,000 that remains, $1,900 will be going towards Nightmare Before Midterms. Originally, the budget for the event was $1,250, but Palat pushed for $1,900. On a board of directors meeting held on Oct. 20, Palat happily announed that he didn’t need to use the extra $650 after all.

Nightmare Before Midterms will not be sponsored, although future events could be. Another concern is space. The CSU Members Centre has a maximum capacity of 150 people and doors will only be open to the first 150 who come.

Palat believes this year’s Halloween party will add to, and strengthen the student life at CapU, and that this all begins with having more events on campus. “I just want the students to get the best experience possible,” he said.

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