CSU hosts the university’s biggest party to date

Carlos Gomez // Contributor 

After months of planning Captivate, Capilano University’s biggest party ever took place on Sept. 14. Staff members, teachers and students gathered together in a laid-back social atmosphere seldom seen on a campus during the daytime.

Taking place right in the middle of the Cedar Courtyard, DJs JP Valdes, Coach Bombay, Grayson Repp and Fishy performed a musical continuum that started in the early afternoon and ended about 7 p.m. Come noon, all the elements were in place: the stage, equipped with a high-quality sound system, beer garden, food trucks and sponsor tents were all ready to welcome the CapU community.

Among the other spectacles, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) prize wheel was spinning all afternoon, giving away speakers, power packs, sunglasses and even underwear.

At first, people were shy about getting on the dance floor. However, once people realized that they were running out of time and the party was about to end, they jumped at the chance to embrace the festive mood. Flocks of students traveling between classes stopped brie y to take advantage of the giveaways, but most importantly, the beer garden. Around 6 p.m., the sun began to set and the weather chilled, but everyone at Captivate still felt euphoric.

“This is what we were working for all summer,” said Yatharth Palat, vice president student life. Palat also performed as an MC, lending his outstanding personality to the event.

Photos courtesy of Blueprint University

This was the first time that the CSU had partnered with Blueprint Events and did so in order to bring CapU a party like it had never seen before.

There were some inconveniences, however. Like any other event of this nature, complaints about noise were abundant, and even a couple issues of inebriated students taking up some valuable space for their sleeping needs. These issues aside, previous planning attended these setbacks: a first aid tent had been set up, and free food was provided to anyone who needed it.

Despite the complaints, those who did attend Captivate were not left disappointed. People who remained in the party mood left campus to attend the official after party presented by Axis Events at Celebrities Nightclub on Davie Street.

For those wondering, this is certainly not the last event of its kind at CapU. Palat wrote in an email thanking the volunteer team, “this is just the beginning, and we have so much more to do in the coming year.” We just can’t wait to find out what’s next.



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