Vancouver’s Writing Scene…Where Is It?

Avery Nowicki // ‘Communities’ Editor

Pulling out the writing scene from a city so divided.

Vancouver is known for a lot of things, but writing?.. Not so much. For writers, literature fans, and poets, resources are limited to say the least. While most writers in Vancouver exist in the many university spaces designated for writers, those resources are expensive, and allow for only young creatives with University tuition access to participate. In search of a larger writing community in Vancouver, I’ve collected a list of all the best ways for Vancouver based writers and readers to get involved. 

Real Vancouver’s Writing Series (

Known for their yearly series and writing schools, Real Vancouver has existed as a premiere independent literary space since 2010. They curate and promote literary events from across the city. Originally only intended to create events for the 2010 Olympic winter games, the Series now exists to run events like, ‘Real Vancouver Writing Series’. This event highlights poets like Brandi Bird, Samantha Nock, Michelle Brown, and Cole Nowicki, and was hosted in Iron Dog Books. 

Vancouver Black Library’s Monthly Book Club (@vanblacklibrary)

For readers, Vancouver Black Library hosts an in-person monthly book club, including a potluck. The book club highlights black writers from historical and contemporary backgrounds. Aside from this event, Vancouver Black Library hosts a variety of BIPOC centered events at their Vancouver location (#072-268 Keefer St). For more information, visit

Vancouver Writers Festival (

Known for their yearly festival from October 16th – 22nd, the Vancouver Writers Fest hosts events all year round. These include a digital festival from December 15th – January 31st, and a series of year round readings. These events feature the most acclaimed authors to visit and reside in Vancouver. For more information visit

Vancouver Poetry House (

Offering a series of poetry readings and open mic’s, Vancouver Poetry House gives voice to emerging and established poets in Vancouver. Vanslam is hosted through this organization, which runs a seasonal competitive Vancouver Poetry Slam. The winner receives an enlarged leather wrestling belt and an entrance into the Canadian Individual poetry slam championships. Aside from this, Vancouver Poetry House hosts Verses: Festival of Words from April 20th – 29th. This is a volunteer-run poetry festival, with events taking place in multiple event spaces throughout the city. For more information on Vancouver Poetry House and Verses: Festival of Words, visit 

  • Massy Arts Society (Dead Poets Reading Series – January 14th)

Massy Arts Society (

Known for their local independent bookstore on 229 E Georgia St, and their Massy Arts Society event space on 23 E Pender St, Massy arts provides a variety of resources for literary fans. From a collection of local authors, and indigenous non-fiction at their bookstore, to a series of monthly poetry events, Massy Arts is a main hub for the literary scene in Vancouver. On January 14th, Massy Arts Society will host their Dead Poets Reading Series at their 23 E Pender event space. For more information on events at Massy, visit or @massyartssociety.

These event spaces provide great resources for young writers to get involved, though one cannot deny that a gap still exists in the scene for more youth-led initiatives that highlight up-and-coming writers. Take advantage of these great organizations, to take time to support the community they are forging, and when in doubt, fill the gap yourself!

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