Get to Know Your Student Union’s Plans for 2023/2024

Find out what’s in store for the coming year and how to get involved

Bridget Stringer-Holden (she/her) // News Editor
Lucy Benson (she/her) // Illustrator

“I have worked with many other student unions throughout the province, and I can say balance and transparency with the staff and board of directors are why our student union is really one of the best,” said Karandeep Singh Sanghera, the president of the Capilano Students’ Union and an Associate of Science student.

As president, Sanghera works with the four vice presidents — Equity & Sustainability, External, Finance & Services, and Students Affairs — to ensure representation and advocacy in all areas. He is also the liaison between the elected board of directors and the CSU staff.

Going into his second year, he plans to continue previous transit, housing, and climate advocacy. One of his priorities is improving financial aid for both international and domestic students.

Sanghera is most proud of his work on food security, with initiatives such as a Community Cupboard and the creation of a page of food security resources. The CSU also raised the issue to the university last year, who will be working on food security as well.

On August 18, 2023, the CSU held a board meeting and passed their Annual Operating Plan. This outlines the priorities for the coming year, including enhancing the Food Resource Program in collaboration with Chartwells to ensure students have access to food.

On the internal side, Sanghera mentioned a focus on the University Affairs committee that meets once a month to describe what’s happening at the Senate and Board of Directors.

He also mentioned a focus on creating more programs that encompass existing courses. “The university has a lot of courses, but very [few] program choices,” Sanghera said, “I’m studying Associate of Science but if you see my course list, you will know I am majoring in physics. We don’t have a major in physics, but we can create one with existing courses.”

Sanghera encourages students to get involved in the CSU’s various roundtables, surveys and committees. He mentions there will be new benefits for volunteers soon.

“My one request for students who are reading this: please be specific and please try to be more [involved] because whatever [feedback] we are getting, we will be working on that.”

Follow the CSU on Instagram or visit to learn more about their advocacy and opportunities for involvement. Sanghera can be reached at

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