The Capilano Courier Needs Your Help to Continue Supporting Student Publication

What is the Capilano Courier?

The Capilano Courier is Capilano University on-campus publication by and for students! We publish new content every week on our website and release a 20-page print issue bi-weekly in the fall and spring semesters, and we have done this for the last 50 years. We cover on-campus news and events, frequent updates on the inner workings of CapU administration and the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) as well as a variety of arts and culture, opinion editorials and personal columns.

What does my Student Publication Fee currently

go towards?

Right now you pay $1.34 per credit towards your student publication (that’s us), which in turn we use to pay to produce the bi-weekly newspaper you see on stands all over campus. We spend our annual budget on printing, staff salaries, compensation for contributors (that’s you) and to commission art from the talented folks in the IDEA program.

Why do we need a fee increase?

As inflation rises and our spending money remains stagnant we’re feeling the squeeze. Almost every year our printing fee increases, and as a result this year we had to cut back from printing a weekly paper to only printing bi-weekly. Not to mention the fact that we’re currently located in the Maple building, which may be torn down in a few years time. With a slight fee increase we can continue to publish our beloved newspaper.

How much are we asking for?

We’re asking for an increase of just 19 cents per credit, raising it from $1.34 per credit to $1.53 per credit. It isn’t a huge difference, but it means the world of difference to us!

What can we do for you?

The Capilano Courier is published by students for students. That’s you. No matter which program you’re in you can contribute to the paper in a number of ways – whether you’re an aspiring journalist, illustrator or photographer, we will compensate you for your work. In fact, we’re the highest paying student-led paper in BC! Every cent goes back to students in one way or another. Not to mention that your contributions will look great on your resume.

Many of our former editorial staff members have gone on to launch their careers in communications, journalism, project management, illustration and design, marketing and more!

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