Fun things to do in Vancouver this summer

Some ideas that might inspire you 

Lea Krusemeyer (she/her) // Crew Writer

Jasmin Linton (she/her) // Illustrator

The semester is almost over, and for most students that means time to explore this beautiful city and the surrounding area. Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland offer a rich variety of summer activities and the following selection will highlight some of the best options for students who finally have the time to get out and have some fun.

Vancouver has a great selection of patios, and is the perfect spot to spend an evening patio-hopping between bars and restaurants. Either stay within one neighborhood such as Gastown and enjoy a nice glass of wine at Local, or switch between various spots in the area. Yaletown, Lonsdale and Mount Pleasant are also great neighbourhoods to explore. It is up to you to decide if comfort or the urge to explore is your group’s priority.

Number two on the list is one of the most popular activities in Vancouver, hiking. A hike up Grouse Mountain, for example, is a daytime activity that can be easily combined with a patio-hop in the afternoon. The hiking trails in Vancouver and the surrounding areas are known Canada-wide. Grouse Mountain can be accessed by bus or car and offers the perfect hiking opportunity for all sorts of students. There is an option to take a gondola to the summit as well. It is on the more expensive side but if you just want to enjoy the view and don’t want to sweat, the gondola is the way to go.

Opening at the end of April every year, the Richmond Night Market offers a big selection of food vendors and fair activities that are fun to explore alone or with a group. Tickets can be bought online or on-site and seasonal passes are available

Bowen Island is a little more time-consuming and would work best as a day or weekend trip. It is only a twenty-minute ferry ride away from Vancouver, where variety of activities await you. Visitors can choose between boat tours, bike rides or cider tastings, and those are just a few of the options that Bowen Island has in store for its guests.

Next up we have whale watching. This activity is on the pricier side and it is never guaranteed that you will spot a whale, but if you are someone that has always wanted to see a whale, this activity is for you.

A more cozy and less time-consuming summer activity is watching a movie in Stanley Park, every summer there are a variety of movies that are shown outdoors. All you need is a few friends, a big blanket, and maybe a drink and a snack.

This list could go on and on forever because Vancouver is full of activities that could fill multiple summers, so here are a few more ideas. Farmers markets, a day spent at Wreck Beach or a visit to the tulip fields in Abbotsford. Have fun this summer, and use your time in between classes to explore and relax.

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