A short guide to some of Vancouver’s sex shops

Ashlea McRae (she/her) // Contributor

Andy Poystila (he/him) Production Coordinator

In the age of the internet, it is easy to find everything you need on the web. This means that many turn to the internet for things designed to meet their most intimate needs. As we become more reliant on big corporations, local sex stores are losing foot traffic and becoming scarcer. You might even wonder why you should consider shopping at a local store when you can just order something online and have it delivered in discreet packaging by tomorrow. 

Luckily, we’ve visited a ton of sex shops—so you don’t have to. Unless you want to, of course. Each offers a unique, catered experience with various levels of affordability and information, as well as providing the opportunity to explore and learn more about Vancouver. 

Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, 1238 Davie St. #1

Located in Vancouver’s most influential LGBTQ+ neighbourhood, Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium is a historical hotspot for queer literature, advice and information, erotica, adult toys and supplies, as well as a fantastic greeting card section. Davie Village, where this shop is located, hosts the annual Davie Street Pride Festival which runs in conjunction with the Vancouver Pride Parade. Throughout the rest of the year the beautiful artwork, fun shops, and delicious restaurants that decorate this neighbourhood make for a great visit. This little store is open seven days a week, has free parking behind the store, and is a friendly and non-judgemental option for people of all communities.  

Honey Gifts, 350 Water St. // 3448 Cambie St.

With two locations in the Vancouver area—one located in Gastown and one in Cambie Village—Honey Gifts offers a boutique experience with a wide selection of adult toys, kink-specific supplies and lingerie. Both locations are surrounded by great shopping opportunities and tasty bites to eat, and are easily accessible by transit. While slightly higher in price, the quality is reflected in the products. They even have the option to book a private shopping experience, for those who really value privacy.

Womyn’s Ware Inc, 896 Commercial Dr.

This little shop on Commercial Drive is a woman-owned and operated business that specialises in the empowerment and celebration of women’s sexuality. The shop welcomes all genders and seeks to celebrate those who want to explore their sexual expression in greater depth than what is typically represented in mainstream media. Commercial Drive is a lively and diverse area that is also home to Vancouver’s Little Italy neighbourhood. There is a lot to see and do in this area throughout the year, and it is easily accessible by transit for your convenience. 

The Art of Loving, 369 W Broadway. 

Easily accessible by transit, The Art of Loving is located just a short walk from the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line SkyTrain station. This shop has everything you would expect, and they also host educational seminars for those looking to learn more about different sexual subjects. You can also find links to an informative blog and newsletter on their website. If you are looking to learn more in a safe and supportive environment, or pick up something fun to try, The Art of Loving is a great shop to check out.   

Deadly Couture, 1599 Venables St. 

Deadly Couture is a fetish and alternative clothing company located on Venables St. in Vancouver. They have a great selection of latex, leather, corsets, gothic daywear and other statement pieces for all kinds of bodies. There is a wide range of pricing for all budgets, but what really makes this shop stand out is the curated experience it offers. You would be hard pressed to find a shop with as many options for fetish and alternative clothing as Deadly Couture. This shop offers curbside pickup for online orders as well as showroom shopping if you prefer to see clothing in person before purchasing.  


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