Misyrion on their upcoming debut “Kingdom of Misery”

Newcomers to the Vancouver death metal scene talk inspiration, writing process, and their plans for the future

Yasmine Elsayed (she/her) // Contributor
Andy Poystilla (he/him) // Production Manager

Misyrion is an up-and-coming local band in Vancouver’s black/death metal scene. The band comprises two members, Capilano University student Charlie Kratz as guitarist, and SFU’s Claine Lamb as guitarist and vocalist. Together, they have harnessed their passion for the extreme metal genre, crafting an unmistakable presence in a music scene known for its relentless intensity.

Starting in 2021, Kratz and Lamb met coincidentally via Instagram. Lamb had just quit her previous band because of tendonitis. Kratz had just moved to Vancouver from Calgary to pursue his music career while attending Capilano University, but struggled to break into the local scene. That was until he saw Lamb’s Instagram story. He had seen Lamb’s work before on social media, and was impressed. “I was kind of freaking out a little bit. And I thought, ‘I have got to give it a shot.’” said Kratz. “We started talking and decided to meet for the first time and just jam in a room together.” Upon first meeting, Kratz and Lamb got along very well. He continued, “I think we both saw we had the same values when it comes to music and wanted to go in the same direction with the same tastes or similar tastes. It worked out.”

After meeting a few more times for jam sessions, the pair formed a band, and shortly after they began brainstorming names. Lamb shared an inside story as to how the name came to be. “I had a list of potential names that I had come up with. That list was in my phone for six years. And Misyrion was atop of that list for a long time.” Lamb said, “I originally wrote it as M.I.S.I.R.I.O.N. The band name vaguely meant ‘the kingdom of misery,’ so instead Charlie suggested Misyrion so it looks more obvious.” Kratz added that they were sure of the name when they recorded the demo for the song “Kingdom of Misery.” “What sold me on the name is because it had that backstory behind it,” added Kratz.

Kratz described that Lamb had many song ideas, whereas he mainly comes up with chord progressions. “I’m doing whatever I think is cool, and then she adds a bit of music theory on top of that. Then it all comes together.” Kratz continued, saying they like to pace themselves to avoid frustration or potential writer’s block. “We kind of write easily, not having too much pressure, and try to have fun with it. And, when the time comes for an EP or a couple of singles, we go back and try to flush them out and change parts until we really like [the songs].” Lamb later added that after they are done with their respective parts, they pass tracks along to their bandmates Sunshine and Connor to add in the bass and the drums to make it sound more “idiomatic.” 

Misyrion has been working on their debut album “Kingdom of Misery” for a year now. Lamb described that the album’s concept was set to be in a medieval kingdom. “Calling it kingdom made sense on that front and then misery because it’s all about suffering,” said Lamb. Kratz added that video games also played a big part in naming the album. Games like Dark Souls were one of his inspirations for the album.

Misyrion hopes that their album will be released in April 2024. After the release, they plan to tour B.C. and Alberta. They are also preparing for the Winter Fest on Jan. 17, 2024 at the Wise Hall and Lounge.

In a separate project, Lamb is preparing for a Halloween show on October 28 at Lobe on E Hastings St. It will be a spatial audio experience travelling through hell, as per Dante’s Inferno. 

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