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A community that has persistence of vision

Ana X Martinez Lima (she/her) // contributor
Celina Zhong (she/her) // illustrator

Art and culture are two indispensable elements in our lives, and Sara Brinkac is well aware of that. That’s why she, along with her incredible team, have created a new publication on campus called POV Journal, a space where contributors can express their individual creativity freely. This project took flight on January 8 of this year. Grouping ideas and dreams into words, paper, colours, and letters.

With a backpack and head full of ideas, the creator of this project embarked on a journey to Europe last summer, where everything she had imagined for Vancouver started to make sense.

“There were cinema showcases in various theatres, each with more care and physical space for socialisation one could only dream to see in Vancouver,” Brinkac said. This trip to Europe awakened something within her; she knew that their sense of art and community was something she wanted for our city, that art in all its expressions can bring people together. And thus began what would become POV Journal today, with its first printed edition arriving on April 4, 2023.

POV stands for Persistence of Vision, and for its creator, there are many ways to understand its meaning; the first being that persistence of vision is an awareness of illusion. The human eye retains a visual image for a duration longer than the actual presentation of the visual stimulus—it’s an optical phenomenon. 

“This is what contributes to us believing images are moving when shown in rapid succession like on a film strip,” said Brinkac. Another meaning is that one needs to be persistent in their goal, in their vision, to stand firm, or as she would put it, “to stubbornly stand for community, creativity, and the celebration of the individual.”

Alongside her, there is a whole community of incredible individuals who persist in the vision of making our Vancouver community what many artists would desire: a space where you feel safe to risk, where you can express yourself freely, where art, culture, heritage and a sense of belonging exist together. Some of these individuals include Eva Staub (Design Editor), Jacob Brundrett (Co-Design Editor), Lucas Isidoro (Head of Marketing), Adam Stothard (Extras Editor), Mia Lancaster (Idea Generator), Vlada Hayvoronska (Social Media Manager), and many more.

More than just a new publication within the university, POV Journal has goals that extend beyond our campus. Brinkac believes that in a city like Vancouver, where discovering artistic spaces and opportunities can be challenging, it’s important to stand her ground and not give her talents away to a different city. She knows that she can only truly be herself in the land that witnessed her upbringing and the blossoming of her ideas. 

“Art heals the soul, strengthens communities, and is both individually and communally cathartic. So it only makes sense that art from where we’re from would speak to a more intimate and personal experience,” said Brinkac. With this in mind, one of the key goals of the journal is to have a dedicated space for art, free from industry pressure, that primarily focuses on the growth of each individual within the community in this city.

One of Brinkac’s dreams would be to see in Vancouver everything that she witnessed during her trip to Europe. Brinkac knows that if she wants to see a change in the city, she also has to become a part of that change. 

“I wanted to carry that spirit back home and I was looking for a place to put that energy. A student journal seemed like the right place to start,” said Brinkac. Vancouver is full of incredible artists with passion and talent for art and filmmaking. For the creator, there are many things that could be done, such as a film theatre with its own café or a film publication. In her own words, “A future I would like to head towards is one where there are permanent dedicated spaces for the growth, study, and celebration of film.”

Like a lot of artists, a source of inspiration is important in day-to-day life, where new ideas and creations emerge. However, for POV Journal, inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. Key individuals who have brought inspiration to Sara Brinkac have been John Cassavetes, an American actor, screenwriter and director, and Andrew Savage, a songwriter and lead singer of Parquet Courts.

Brinkac believes that one of the most important motivations for carrying forward this project is to enable people to coexist, create together, get to know each other, and build connections. She believes that among artists, there should be a support network, and individuals should feel free to express themselves, create, and challenge themselves and others. 

Even at Capilano University, a sense of community among fellow artists should prevail, transcending differences in degree, department, and age. “We have so many artists at our school, and understanding the beauty of their craft and their passion for their art form is, in my opinion, invaluable,” said Brinkac.

POV Journal represents a unique opportunity for artistic growth, not only on our campus but also for Vancouver as a whole. It’s a space where everyone is welcome, and where each artist has their own voice. Among its contributors, you will find MOPA students, ASAS students, individuals from the artistic community, and possibly you. 

The doors of this community are open to all; if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, don’t hesitate to send an email to povjournal@gmail.com . For Brinkac, one of the most exciting aspects of this project is having different perspectives and to find a new spark of inspiration in each potential contributor. “I started thinking about revolution and the importance of physical community,” said Brinkac. You can find POV Journal available on their website www.povjournal.com and printed copies will be available at Bosa Centre and soon at the library.

Art and community are part of human lives. Vancouver needs voices that rise up and strive for their dreams. Art is another way to convey emotions, ideas, and communicate with a global language. POV journal understands this purpose and strives to embody it, emerging as a community with persistence of vision.

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