New Black Students’ Union Resource Centre to Open March 2

After months of trying to acquire a physical space, the Library 115 space is almost ready

Bridget Stringer-Holden (she/her) // News Editor

The new Black Students’ Union Resource Centre launch event will be held on Mar. 2, 2023, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to LB115 to show their support and enjoy food and Afrobeats music, said BSU president and Communication Studies student Kelechi Ibom (he/him).

As both BSU president and Capilano Students’ Union Black Students Liaison, Ibom describes his role as a bridge between the CSU and Black students. “It’s kind of like keeping up with everyone,” he said, adding that his motivation to run for the position was to help create a sense of community.

“I saw how bad the BSU was last year, so I just wanted to fix things,” Ibom said. “Last year, we had like three active members of the BSU. We didn’t even have a space, we hardly had meetings, like the black community at Cap wasn’t like a community.”

Since the beginning of his term, Ibom has been working to secure a physical space for the BSU and the previous BSU president worked on this as well. The CSU and CapU had to work together to find a room and balance the needs of the university with the request for a new space. LB115 was previously offices, but they were able to be moved so that the CSU could open the Black Resource Centre. 

“A super long time to get the space open, and it’s still not done,” he said, noting that the furniture won’t be arriving until after the day the space opens. However, there will be a small library and a microwave for students to use.

“It’s going to be a hangout spot, and it’s also going to be for meetings,” said Ibom, noting that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing students turn resources into safe spaces. “I just want to get a lot of Black students [to] actually be involved in BSU, then I would definitely host parties and events.”

One of the challenges though, is that everyone has their own ideas about the BSU and doesn’t always understand the obstacles to getting things done.

However, Ibom is always open to new ideas and encourages students to attend the monthly general meetings of the BSU and to reach out with ideas, support and anything to help make the BSU better.

The BSU’s monthly general meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 2:30 p.m. in LB115. Currently, attendance must be in-person, but in the future, there may be virtual joining options included.

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