Letters of Gratitude

Open expressions of gratitude and love for the December holidays that ignite joy within us

Emma Mendez (She/Her) // Culture Editor
Mayumi Izumi (She/Her) // Contributor
Jayde Atchison (She/Her) // Opinions Editor 

My beloved Winter Solstice, 

I hold such a soft spot in my heart for you. I used to see you as just words on a calendar, unaware of all you had to offer. Now I think back to the first time I honoured you and I’m overflowing with love and gratitude. You gave me the opportunity to hold space for myself when I felt so alone in my grief, while also remind me of the blessings of rest and receiving.

You are so underappreciated, and I truly don’t understand why! You invite us to gather in magical community to feast, laugh, dance, love, without the weight of capitalism. You truly encourage us to celebrate ourselves, our rest, and the land, in a way not many days do. 

Winter is usually such a hard time for me, especially with Christmas and New Year’s — both of which always make me sad. But you embraced me with open arms, a day just for me, the land, my community, and my healing. Nothing else. In the numbing lonely roar that is winter, you have a beacon of light for me. For that I am eternally grateful. 

With much love, 


Dear Father Christmas,

I thank you for your many gifts. Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed your holiday cheer, colourful decorations, Christmas tree, and most of all, the spirit of joy that you bring with you every year. 

It’s not just about receiving presents under the tree on Christmas morning. I love you because of the time we spend with family, friends, and neighbours in our community. And the act of giving that goes hand in hand with Dec. 25. Giving our loved ones yummy baked cookies and cakes, exchanging pretty cards, sharing delight by singing your sweet carols and showing love in many different forms.

For those of us that live close to the mountains, you also bring us joy in the form of beautiful white snow to play in. It allows us to build snowmen with our friends, as well as act on our desire for adventure through skiing and snowboarding.

You provide us the opportunity for all of this and so much more, and for that I am grateful to you.



Dear New Year’s Day, 

I know deep down in my heart that time is a construct, and that when you come around, the world doesn’t hit a reset button. I promise, I know. However, at the end of every calendar year, I can’t help but feel a buzz of excitement coursing through my body. I want to thank you for giving me new inspiration to create yearly goals, and a renewed round of motivation. 

Sometimes you may feel overshadowed by the gift-giving showstopper that is Christmas, but I think you are a much more lovely holiday. I thrive on buying new stationary decked out in your latest name (I think 2022 has a wonderful ring to it by the way). Your holiday is cheery and filled with people surrounded by their loved ones, dressed to impress. The feeling of finally letting go of the negative energy brought about during the last twelve months is contagious and heartwarming. Counting down to your shining midnight moment is fun for people of all ages, and I love the range, from banging pots and pans to popping champagne. You are an icon whose diversity knows no bounds. 

Thank you for giving me hope and a first-day-of-seventh-grade feeling every single Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. I love that I can enjoy being with you, no matter how I decide to spend the evening — drinking bubbly with pals or soaking alone in the bath. 

I look forward to celebrating your day again, and I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table in 2022. 

With love and gratitude, 


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