2021 Mitacs Excellence In Student Research Award Winners Announced

79 students present Capstone projects at Saturday’s Student Research Symposium 

Alisha Samnani // Managing Editor, News Editor

Four students were recognized at the fifth annual Student Research Symposium on Apr. 24 for outstanding academic research. 

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Communication Studies, Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education, and Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis are required to complete a Capstone project in fulfillment of their degree. 

The Mitacs Excellence in Student Research Award is presented to Capilano University students with outstanding Capstone research projects in each of the four degree programs. Mitacs is a federal funding agency that supports collaborative research projects between universities, companies and non-profit organizations.

This year’s award recipients are Mary Mae Oquendo, Applied Behaviour Analysis; Carson Polly, Interdisciplinary Studies; Marley Handel Lane, Communications; and Dianne Natrall, Early Childhood Care and Education.

The 2021 Student Research Symposium featured the work of 79 students—including the work of five MOPA students—that have completed or are completing a faculty-supervised research project as a requirement of their respective degrees. “[These] critical and creative projects highlight the capacities of art and literature to open new understandings of our moment,” said Cassidy Picken, Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator. “Students are paying close attention to social justice and political issues.” 

Projects cover a range of topics including health and human rights, social justice and activism, misogyny and feminism, and decolonizing education.

2021 student Capstone projects—as well as research projects from past years—are available to view via Capilano University’s institutional repository.

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