Capilano University residence remains open for students

The shift to online classes has not changed student views on communal living

Beatriz Mascarenhas de Andrade Costa // Contributor 
Kaho Furukawa // Illustrator

Capilano University’s residence will remain open for the fall 2020 semester, with appropriate measures introduced to ensure that returning students like Kanish Murugan feel safe moving in.  

Many students at CapU choose to live in residency due to the proximity to campus and the opportunity to meet people and make friends. Although many classes will take place online, students seem eager to live in residence.  

Murugan, a student in the 3D Animation for Film & Games Diploma program, believes that he will be safer “staying and having all meals at an institution [he] already trusts rather than to be required to go house hunting, to eat out or buy food items in new locations.” 

“The [3D Animation] Program Coordinators have decided to send the hardware [we need for assignments] to the students to conduct the classes online,” said Murugan. “Staying in the residence puts me at ease… It makes my life easier and helps me focus more on the program rather than worrying too much about other essential needs.” 

For Murugan, the need for social interaction plays the biggest role when choosing to live in student housing. 

“[The residence has] allotted single occupancy rooms for every student and made restrictions in the common rooms and dining hall. Therefore, I do not have much concern living among other students this semester,” said Murugan, who believes CapU has come up with an effective contingency plan to face the pandemic. “Again, it all comes down to individuals following safety measures, like cleaning after themselves and wearing masks to avoid spreading the virus.”  

Although the demand for student accommodation has decreased due to the pandemic and online classes, the residence remains a viable option for students during these unstable times, allowing them to interact with each other while ensuring strict safety measures. 

The CapU Housing department could not be reached for comment. 

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