Capilano Students’ Union General Election Results

Meet the new CSU leadership team

Sheila Arellano // News Editor

Emily Bridge, CSU President

I’m so excited to be on the CSU again this year and to work with an incredible incoming team of directors! Things have changed a lot in the past couple of weeks, so while I’m looking forward to what next year will bring, I’m also making sure that we are focussing on supporting students now, in the face of extreme uncertainty. Whatever the coming year brings, I’m here to work closely with our dedicated team of staff and directors, and to make sure student perspectives are heard where decisions are made, thank you all for your support!

Shanti Aria Scarpetta-Lee, CSU Vice-President Equity and Sustainability

I’m so excited to be working on the CSU board of directors again this year! This term, I hope to increase mental health awareness and support both on and off-campus. I also want to increase sexual violence awareness and prevention. I aim to build a culture of consent on campus in a positive way by helping to develop a new consent campaign specific to CapU. I will also make sure to champion climate justice in every aspect of the CSUs work! I can’t wait to continue working towards an equitable, accessible, and sustainable university experience for all students.

Grace Dupasquier, Vice-President External

The VP External deals with the CSU’s external advocacy portfolio, which is advocating on behalf of students to the government and regional stakeholders like Translink. I’m honoured to be the CSU’s representative in this area—I really enjoy policy and advocacy, and can’t wait to use my passion to benefit our community! Student voices are powerful; we’ve had a lot of success over the years creating change. My ultimate goal is a more equitable, affordable, and sustainable student experience for us all. I’m so excited to get started!

Gurleen Kaur, Vice-President Finance & Services

I am pleased to represent CapU’s students as the Vice President of Finance and Services. I understand it’s hard for most students to study and work together to earn money. I am enthusiastic about making a positive change for all of us. My main goal for this year is to work with CSU to create more financial support for students like scholarships and grants, increasing transparency and awareness about CSU services. I am incredibly thankful to all the students who chose me as their leader.

Hartaj Wadhwa, Vice-President Student Affairs

I feel privileged to be a resource for the student community to help them flourish and succeed. I aim at developing Nap Rooms with bean bags/sleeping pods/folding beds and mattresses for relaxing and napping. It will enable students to rejuvenate themselves after long hours of either commuting or attending lectures or studying at the library. Secondly, I intend to improve food services as students feel troubled with limited food options and inflated prices. The absence of a full Tim Hortons is also a big concern for all students. Thirdly, I wish to organize more events for students to interact and grow.

Feven Kidane, Students of Colour Liaison

This year, I plan to educate all of the microaggressions and ignorance that occur on our campus. I plan to revive the students of colour collective, organize anti-racism workshops for faculty and students, and to express joy at our mixed student body via celebratory practice. All the while, I’ll be keeping an eye and ear out for what students of colour on campus would also like me to do.

Abhijeet (Abhi) Deswal, International Students Liaison

I will promote cultural interaction between international students, underrepresented students, and domestic students and the surrounding communities to make a friendly learning environment in the university. I will focus on creating more academic and development workshops and even cultural and fun events to facilitate a more efficient and accessible process around getting international students involved in university culture. I will provide full support with solid information during your enrolment. I will be your advocate and liaison to represent your concerns to university personnel.

Mayumi Izumi, Mature & Parents Students Liaison

I am very excited for my second term to represent not only mature and parent students, but all CapU students. Strengthening our community is important to me. I plan to:

Be available to speak to you about any issues or feedback you want to share with the CSU. Create events for mature & parent students and work with your schedule so that you can attend. Create support to help balance work, school, family and children. Unify our community regardless of gender, race, or age.

Maia Lomelino, Women Students Liaison

My plans as Women Students Liaison is to work to let every woman at CapU know that they have a place to go and someone who supports them, and so make them feel safe to come to us for anything they need. Also, I intend to create campaigns about abusive relationships, about sexism in the academic environment and against toxic masculinity. One of my goals is also to create more events lead by women not only in March during the International Women’s day and get together with other associations at CapU to expand our work together.

Neerarshdeep Kaur, Business & Professional Studies Representative

I will convey the concerns of the students to the CSU, along with suggestions on how to solve those problems. Arranging more events beneficial for business students is also one of my future goals. Another goal would be to raise awareness among students new and old about the facilities available to them at CapU. I hope I will get to meet new people and improve my skills while working in this position.

Wen Zhai, Education, Health & Human Development

I would like to fill the gap and serve as the communicative link for students from Education, Health, and Human Development programs with their departments and the CSU and be their voice whenever it is needed. I will try to establish an alumni mentorship program and increase the opportunities for job fairs. I care deeply about education, equity, and sustainability, and like to ask “why” about lots of things. I feel honoured to be elected and having your support!

Brigid Mychael, Sunshine Coast Campus Representative

I plan to continue working towards ‘bridging the gap’ between the Coast and the North Van campus. Communication is crucial to the support needed at the Kalax-ay* Campus. My plan involves using social media to bring students together, ensuring they are aware of services and supports available to them and to be heard by the Students’ Union if they are not.

Rishav Aujla, Capilano Business & Professional Society President

I will arrange for job fairs in the university with the help of the CSU board of directors and university staff. I will arrange more company tours for the business students at least twice a semester so that they can easily approach the managers and CEO’s and come to know about their strategies towards their goals. I would like to arrange a consumer hub once a semester in which students will do marketing. Back in my country, the duties of the head are not the same as here. So by moving forward towards my duties and my responsibilities, I promise I will do the best for you and your future. Don’t hesitate to talk to me. I will always be there for you.

Luis Rodriguez, Capilano Finance Association President

In my presidency, my team and I pursue becoming a financial resource for students that want to start their careers and expand their financial knowledge, by becoming leaders and providing game-changing tools, events, activities, and resources. I believe there are so many opportunities out there for students to learn about their passion, my mission is to facilitate these opportunities and create an environment for growth and continuous learning while having fun.

Marian Chadegani, Capilano Legal Association President

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who voted for me! During the next year as the president, I will do my best to provide opportunities such as meet and greet with law firms, pro bono work opportunities, and LSAT prep, to help students get involved in the legal community, and use that experience to advance in their careers. A big shout out to Mariah, the current president for starting this association; hopefully I’ll be able to follow her footsteps!

Terrence Alanis, Capilano University Marketing Association President

As the elected president of CAPUMA, I hope to continue to build upon the foundation that Jesus Lopez has established for CAPUMA during his term as President. I plan to help sustain CAPUMA’s success in the near future by continuing to have CAPUMA members and CapU students network with professionals of the marketing industry, collaborating and building upon relationships with the Capilano Business Professional Society and the other CBPS associations, and to welcome any CapU student interested in being involved with CAPUMA.

Trevor Morten, At-Large Representative

I was part of the board during this past term as a Fine & Applied Arts Representative. I’m so grateful to be re-elected in this brand new position. This year, I plan to focus on my continuing role in the Governance Committee, of which I have been the chairperson since July 2019. I always strive to make the CSU as efficient as possible while maintaining easy to understand rules and accessible procedures. As always, I’ll never stop advocating for each and every student, from all faculties.

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