CapU Music Diploma Students Compete for a Spot in a Student Showcase

Winners are awarded scholarship money and spots to play in front of diverse audiences

Megan Amato // Associate News Editor

Music Diploma students at Capilano University put on their finest clothes, performed their best pieces with professional aplomb and competed for scholarship money in a musical showcase at the BlueShore Financial Centre for Performance Arts on Feb. 29. Thirteen first and second-year music students demonstrated their skill by presenting a classical piece in their chosen musical medium, most of whom were pianists or singers.

“It started as a way for us to give our students more performance experience,” said Wendy Grant, who has a doctorate of Musicology and is Music Diploma Program Coordinator. “We do some fundraising as a way to give them some scholarship money as an award for them performing… in a formal atmosphere on a theatre stage professionally. This is where you’re going to present the very best of yourself and the result of all of your work; it’s a special occasion.” 

First and second prize winners were chosen from both years by judicators in the CapU music faculty, including Choral Director Laars Kaario, Instructor David Vandereyk and Grant herself. The winner’s scholarship money was raised by donations, events and the annual book sale. Winners from both first and second years will get to perform in the Cap Classics, the winners showcase on Mar. 20 and at the Silk Purse Gallery on Mar. 21.

“My favourite thing about the showcase is that I get to announce the winner,” Grant laughed. Her office is a cozy time capsule, filled with photographs, past concert flyers, and cards and letters from students pinned to the walls. She tells me stories about some of the pieces and still remembers the names of her students from the early 2000s. “There is a lot of love in this program. The students are a family and all support each other so that even though they are competing with each other, they’re still rooting for each other. People have a spot here—no one is disenfranchised.” 

Winners from the competition will play in the Music Department Student Showcase hosted at the Blueshore Theatre on Mar. 20 at 11:45 am. Entry is free.

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