Finding a Job After Graduation

How the Career Development Centre can introduce CapU students to the working world 

Jayde Atchison // Staff Writer  

If this December marks the end of your academic journey, what are your next steps? Regardless of which direction you are headed in after graduation, the Career Development Centre (CDC) at Capilano University hopes to assist students in surviving the post-university world. Located in LB149 there is a team dedicated to guiding students through their degree in order to prepare them for their industry of choice.  

CDC Manager Nancy Ng understands that students are busy juggling assignments, classes and part-time jobs and cannot always attend during the office hours. Luckily, there is an alternative option: the CapU Career Hub website. In this site, students are able to sign in, apply for available jobs and view and register for upcoming events on and off campus.  

Students may associate the CDC with job searching for positions that require a degree. Yet, the staff and career ambassadors also address questions such as: what do I like? What are my values? How do I build my network? “All of those things should be addressed through your time [at Capilano University]. It is never too late,” Ng said. 

In any industry it is important to build a network. The CDC hosts opportunities every semester to help students and alumni create authentic connections. Students are able to apply for external industry events. The CDC will pay the fees to attend because they acknowledge that cost can be a barrier, especially for students. Additionally, if anxiety becomes overbearing for students, a staff member will attend the event to ease the process of meeting new people.  

Exiting the life of a student can be a daunting adventure, especially when various fields require a minimum of two years of experience. This is why the CDC offers an event called “It All Adds Up!” that helps students reflect on their work experience during their program. Ng wants to remind students that “little things do add up, and if you take the time to reflect you’ll see how much experience and skills you’ve gained throughout your time at Cap.” At these events, students will also receive guidance on how to articulate those skills and build confidence. 

Some of the events planned for the fall semester through the CDC had to be cancelled due to little registration. This lack of attendance affects present and future students. With every event that gets cancelled, the interest of outside industry professionals dwindles. The possibility of professionals not wanting to work with CapU  creeps in as there is seemingly no interest in these events. The CDC has Instagram and Facebook accounts that promote their events and students are encouraged to follow as their events are not always advertised on the Capilano website.   

Manager Ng and the CDC offer advice that helps students gain momentum in their field. The CDC will also highlight easy first steps into any industry. The team can tackle concerns such as how to get started early, what skills can be transferable and how to create a LinkedIn account or attend networking events. To alleviate stress that comes with nearing graduation, the CDC is there to lend students a hand.  

The Career Development Centre has drop-ins from 11:30am  12:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays. To make an appointment in-person visit   

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