What’s In My Bag: Atrin

Ashley Sandhu // Contributor

Atrin, a third-year IDEA student, carried a basic black backpack from Miniso with a gold parrot pin attached to the lash tab on the front. “I received it as a gift from my aunt a few years ago,” she said. Inside her backpack, there was an assortment of books and tools essential for a design student.

She first pulled out her polar bear notebook and (with a smirk) the latest copy of the Courier. The notebook is where all her ideas and concepts are sketched in. Here you can see her wireframe ideas for an app design that she is developing. As an avid fan of K-Pop, Atrin is creating a design for a K-Pop concert application.

Some other notable items she pulls out include a Rilakkuma pencil case, her cat wallet, and her phone with a cat phone case. “But I don’t even like cats,” she exclaimed.  She explained further how she simply loves “anything that’s cute” and often visits stationery shops like Art Box to buy her gear.

Atrin also carried a laptop (accessorized in a rose gold case) and a tote bag for extra notebooks. 

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