Building Connections with Trust and Faith

CSU alumnus, Yats Palat, gives TEDx Talk in Philadelphia on “Why Trust and Faith Are Needed for the Progression of Humanity”

Bridget Stringer-Holden // Contributor

Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) alumnus and Capilano University (CapU) valedictorian, Yats Palat, added another accolade to his repertoire when he spoke to a TEDx Talk crowd in Philadelphia on Oct. 4 on the topic of trust and faith.

“Faith is like the air, we can’t see it but it’s so essential to us for living, functioning, breathing and being happy,” said Palat,who graduated from Capilano University in June with a Business Administration and Management Diploma. “What I really want to accomplish in my life is to change people’s lives and help them realize the value of each other and themselves. I believe that for us to be a stronger community and valuable members in society, we need to let go of our anxieties and doubts. I think that faith helps us let go of those.”

Palat grew up as a rebellious kid that got kicked out of three different schools before he says he learned just how necessary faith was. “And I don’t mean a religious faith at all. I mean a faith in ourselves, in people, in the system, the country and all the kinds of things that we doubt so much,” explained Palat. As he matured and acquired a more positive outlook on life, he noticed how everyone had come together to help him turn his situation around. Their faith in him helped him start to believe in himself.

As the youngest of five siblings, Palat learned to be a convincing speaker at a young age and used this experience in his TEDx Talk to educate people on the value of trust and faith. “I realized that there was power in having faith in humanity and having faith in each other. It literally saved my life,” said Palat, who feels that it’s now his responsibility to educate those lacking in faith who he feels may need positivity and optimism the most.

After approaching the TEDx organizers, Palat went through a tough selection process alongside CEO’s and accredited intellectuals. Despite his age, they found his content and delivery to be highly valuable. The topic is very close to Palat—who has “faith” tattooed on his forearm—and he worked hard during the vetting process to provide a thorough outline and presentation despite preferring to speak from the heart and wing speeches.

“I’d be happy if my TEDx Talk had a million views, but honestly, I just want people to use [these ideas] to create better lives. The greatest satisfaction for me would be if someone walked out of the TEDx Talk or read something on my blog and calls me or texts me and says ‘man I really needed to hear something like that, you have no idea what different it’s made, that’s the moment I look out for,” Palat said.

Palat hopes that his talk will inspire other students. “If you don’t try then you’ll never know,” he says. While on his lunch breaks, Palat used to watch TEDx Talks and think, “I want to be a TEDx speaker, but I’m never going to get the chance.”

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