What’s In My Bag: Madison

Madison, 20

Madison is a second-year Communications student at Capilano University. A lanyard with her name printed on it was attached to her red backpack. Among the school basics of pens and notebooks, Madison also carried three lip balms, lip gloss, and excel gum. 

Among her textbooks and notebooks, her pink unicorn journal is the most important thing in her bag. Here, she writes at least one entry a day to release the thoughts wandering around in her mind. 

Madison also carried a portable phone charger, extra just-in-case socks, a plastic reusable bag with tissues and pads, hand lotion, and a reusable water bottle. She considers herself to be conscious when it comes to taking care of the environment and says that if we can do two or three things a day that help such as avoiding prepackaged stuff and reusing our water bottles, why not do it?

Being from France, and with her family there, she always carries an Eiffel Tower charm on her keychain to keep home close.

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