What’s In My Bag: Vee

Mahi Kaur // Contributor

Vee, 26

What we pack in our bags for the first day of post secondary versus a year into it is substantially different, far more minimal through trial and error. 

Capilano University Communications student Edwina (Vee) said she uses a tote bag because, as opposed to a backpack, it’s fit for most occasions and she doesn’t “look like a little schoolgirl” going to work and social events. She also finds tote bags have easier accessibility, with “little pockets” that don’t require fishing through the bottom of a backpack to find what she needs.

Vee stores her assortment of pens and highlighters in this “Running Late Is My Cardio” case.

Inside Vee’s binder was a Communications Studies planning guide. She stores all her necessities in a little black Ted Baker zip up bag, including hand sanitizer, a compact mirror, chapstick, panty liners, and tampons (“lol”). Her compact wallet holds her I.D’s, debit and credit cards, and change. 

Her clear vinyl Stella McCartney tote bag also contained a red lighter, a Tim Hortons chocolate chip muffin, Nissan Altima keys, binders, her Samsung S9 and charger, her Apple laptop with a gradient laptop case, an Aquafina water bottle, and a little bottle of valerian root pills to help calm her nerves.

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