CapU 50 Trail Carves the Path to a Healthier Mind

Why we should support the addition of the new trail at Capilano. 

Alexis Zygan // Contributor

It is essential to provide students with an area of respite as university students are one of the most stressed-out groups due to their overload of readings and essays, often in addition to working up to 40 hours a week. Having the ability to take a quick walk and feel a sense of relief and peace while immersed in nature is essential for mental health and productivity. Spending as little as 20 minutes outside in the environment has been proven to lower stress levels, ease symptoms of depression and increase life expectancy. Fresh air outside of the stifling library during exam seasons could be exactly what Capilano students need.  

The new CapU50 Trail will give teachers an opportunity to bring their classroom outside where a change in learning environments could help foster new ideas and experiences while enhancing students’ excitement about education, resilience, and well-being. It will also assist the university with its road to reconciliation by improving their relationship with the Indigenous community by allowing for people to acquire a deeper connection with the Earth.  

In close proximity to the campus, the newly refined trail represents a unique natural experience unlike many other universities located in the Greater Vancouver area. When I chose to pursue my education at Capilano University, the charming and scenic greenery was a huge deciding factor. The picturesque surroundings at Capilano University have an aesthetic advantage in comparison to other universities. 

However, it is vital to keep in mind that the expansion of the CapU50 Trail will mean altering the natural landscape. Therefore, it is essential that, despite the benefits, we remain mindful of whether these alterations will have long-lasting effects on the environment. It is also crucial that we treat the land with respect and recognize its history. Ultimately, the CapU50 Trail is a positive addition to the Capilano University campus and community. With the grand opening on September 19th, outdoor enthusiasts will be heading over to North Vancouver to explore, relax, and enjoy the peaceful scenery. 

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