Author: Alexis Zygan


Canadian Activists They Don’t Mention In Textbooks: 2SLGBTQIA+ & Indigenous Edition

While attending high school, I learned about Terry Fox's stride across stolen land to raise money for cancer research, but when it came to acquiring knowledge about queer and Indigenous changemakers, I was on my own. These people’s stories are part of our history and their impact lives on today through activists, abolitionists and those brave enough to mobilize their rage to work towards dismantling the structures of oppression.

How Doc Martens Became a Staple in Lesbian’s Closets

In the 1960s, Dr. Klaus created the infamous 1460 Doc Martens with air-cushioned soles. He showcased the prototype to a friend from university, and production began shortly after using surplus military supplies. Once released to the public, the clunky boot was adopted by older women who had a knack for sensible footwear. Doc Martens gained popularity in the 70s among members of counterculture circles, activists, punks and the queer community. A big factor in their adoption by those on the margins of society was their price tag, accessibility and availability in secondhand shops.