Capilano AEM Students Present: Friendly Feud

The Capilano University Cafeteria found in the Birch Building, on all Tuesdays through the academic year is host to a campus-wide lunch hour where there are no classes held. For that sweet hour and a half the student population congregates around the campus’ greatest spread of food options before class starts again. On April 2, from 12-1:30 pm, the cafeteria will also play host to a rousing game of “Friendly Feud” in the lower concourse.             

Friendly Feud is the project that three first-year Arts & Entertainment Management (AEM) students have been working on for most of this Spring semester. When the AEM team, consisting of Breanna Amodia, Samantha Gove and McKenzie Thomas were deciding what they wanted the event to look like they took into account that  “[they] wanted to do a game-show style event and thought, ‘hm, Jeopardy or Family Feud?’” said Amodia. It was decided that a Family Feud inspired event would be the best game that could be held in a busy area and have more than one person involved at any given time. 

In line with the traditional format of Family Feud, the answers to questions were sourced from a diverse population with answers catalogued by Google Forms on all four rounds. Each round will have four questions for teams to answer and the final round will have five “fast cash” questions. “We still need some more answers to the questions for rounds three and four so please, please fill them out!” Amodia emphasizes. 

When asked about the content that has been submitted on the Google Forms Amodia laughed and said, “One of the questions, that is not being used because the answers were so dumb, was ‘name a controversial Disney star’ and someone said Pocahontas.” And while that person’s answer was not technically incorrect, it was not the train of thought that the AEM team was pursuing. 

The event itself will be hosted by Capilano Theatre Program’s own Marco Walker-Ng, who will be coming off of a successful run of playing Franklin Hart Jr. in CapU’s production of 9 to 5: The Musical

“[Amodia, Thomas,] and I are putting it all together” said Gove, “[And] I put out the idea to ask him because when he performed at the Talent Showcase before Christmas Break he seemed comfortable in front of a crowd and had the right personality for it,” she concluded, referring to having Walker-Ng host the event.

The point of the AEM Diploma program is to get comfortable working in event settings and all that entails. “We’ve sent a lot of sponsorship letters out” Amodia said. The prizes for the winning team are still coming together but gift cards for food shops are rumoured to be on the table.

“We need eight teams for the tournament,” Amodia said. “Sign ups are open now but will stay open until the event starts in the caf.”

“This is supposed to be an opportunity for everyone to gather their friends and have fun at an event before finals start. It’s supposed to be super inclusive so that professors and other employees can play if they want to.” Amodia said with enthusiasm.

If you are interested in signing up your team for Friendly Feud or are interested in submitting answers to the final rounds of questions you can do so on the event’s Facebook page. Make sure to make an appearance in the cafeteria on April 2 from 12-1:30 PM! 

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