Valentine’s Day on a Student Budget 

Five things to do when you’re broke but in love. 

 Sheila Arellano // Arts & Culture Editor 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent at a fancy restaurant or an expensive event. Most of us would like to save money on dates, and believe it or not, it’s possible. The pressure for people to have the perfect Valentine’s Day date is real, but at the end of the day it is all about having fun and spending time with the person, or people, you love most. These tips can point you in the right direction if you’re looking for something special to do this Feb. 14. Here are five perfect date ideas for under $25.  

1) Your morning will be filled with smiles and laughter if your menu includes a triple chocolate fondue. For brunch, visit the Cacao 70 sweet house, a restaurant that offers an all-chocolate menu that will leave you with your jaw hanging open. Cacao 70 is the best, not to mention affordable, place to take your partner for brunch this Valentine’s Day. Treat your SO to one of the many affordable chocolate treats such as the chocolate fondue, marshmallow pizza or a dark hot chocolate. Booking in advance is advised due to its surge in popularity this time of year. $10.50-15,

2) How do most Vancouverites spend their time? Even on dates? With a walk in the forest. There’s even a Grouse Grind Singles Night! But the beautiful Lynn Headwaters Park in Lynn Valley might be the best walk after a chocolate fondue. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a relaxed walk in nature with your partner for free! While you are there, you can visit the Ecology Centre, which will grant you knowledge on the nature around you as you walk through the alluring forest.  

3) If you’re still up for movement after a hike, or if you want to skip that altogether and head straight to the ice rink, Robson Square is the only place in the city where you can skate by moonlight. It can be really romantic to ice skate together, and a fun activity to do. Teach your partner how to ice skate while having a nice time, but make sure you don’t fall!  $5 to rent, free if you bring your own skates, 

4) Netflix will never fail you, but at some point you’ve got to get out of the house. It is Valentine’s Day after all. The Twilight Drive-In is the perfect spot to go on a date if you like nighttime activities. Movies such as The Lion King, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man are showing at the moment. This Drive-In brings back memories of the good old days where you could enjoy a movie from the car park. During the intermission, grab a snack and snuggle in the car with some hot chocolate and that special someone. What better way to break the binge and chill routine than with a blast from the past?  $10, 

5) The VanDusen Botanical Gardens are a great spot to stop and smell the roses. Get lost in the Elizabethan-style maze and share a romantic evening with someone in the rose garden. $8,

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