Five Reasons to Go See Circle Game.

Devon Simpson – Contributor 

An astonishing event showcasing the reimagined music of Joni Mitchell.

The show, Circle Game: Reimagining the Music of Joni Mitchell, running from Jan. 12 to Feb. 9, is a must-see. Joni Mitchell is one of the most influential female singers and songwriters of her generation. While emanating a presence for social and environmental issues, her eclectic music stylings still charm and inspire everyone. Many current artists have covered her songs and paid tribute to her legacy. This performance is among those compositions paying tribute to the artist, attempting to bridge generations.  

Being familiar with the Vancouver arts and culture community, this show is a wonderful showcase of the charm and quaint venues Vancouver has to offer. Granted, Vancouver is no grand metropolis known for theatre, but the local talent and production companies here are well worth checking out. Broken down are five reasons to go see Circle Game. 

  1. Go early! The arts community is welcoming and lots of people show up beforehand to chat and it really adds to the experience. The Firehall Arts Centre is a historic venue where you immediately feel immersed into Vancouver culture. Head to the bar, grab a decently priced drink and enjoy our city’s quaint art scene for an evening. Talk to some members of the actual cast, chat with fellow attendees or if that is not your thing, go out to the back patio with lights strung in trees and admire a huge mural. There’s also a 50/50 draw with all proceeds going to the Firehall Theatre Society.   
  2. The music of course! The cast who performs this ode to Joni Mitchell takes things to a new level demonstrating the eternal messages of Joni’s iconic songs. A range of upbeat group harmonies to sultry ballads captivated the small audience and kept heads nodding and feet tapping. The classics such as  “Yellow Taxi”, “River”, “California” and “A Case of You” were played but each to a different tune, this might frustrate some diehard Joni fans but the remixed versions worked wonders for the plot of the show.
  3. The cast members are so talented! In-between instrument changes and harmonies that gave the audience goosebumps, the close-up experience made one feel cozy, emotional and at home within this marvellous theater. The whole performance is relatable and intimate as the music transports the audience into a musical reality.
  4. The storytelling that takes place is brilliant artistry as it is told through the lyrics of Joni’s songs. The music weaves the story of a young group of friends and their internal battle with love and finding their place in a changing world.
  5. The choreography and mood set by lighting and stage management is enticing and showcases the multi-talented cast in a wonderful, new light that appeals to new generations. 

Whether you love the messages woven into her music, are a huge fan of Joni or are just curious about her music, this show is money well spent and a night out that promises to entertain. If you expect to hear a backstory of Joni Mitchell told through her music, however, this is not what you are going to get. Instead, a wonderful musical experience will greet you as you enter the Firehall Arts Theatre and it will be an amazing performance to enjoy with friends and family.  

Tickets for this event can be found for $25 at

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