Don’t Hide Your Hidden Talents!

CapU Got Talent debuts as the first campus talent show

Jarod Smart // Contributor

The BlueShore Theatre will see the debut of CapU Got Talent on Nov. 29 – a talent showcase organized by three first-year Arts and Entertainment Management students. An opportunity for people from any program to show a hidden talent to their peers, the event name was inspired by the popular television show America’s Got Talent. There are some key differences, however, that can be expected. CapU Got Talent is a judgement-free zone – there are no winners or losers, and there are no judges. Instead, a group of panelists will provide positive, constructive feedback to participants, all of whom will leave with a swag bag and $20.

With over 8,500 enrolled students, Capilano University is home to many artistically inclined individuals, but not all study in the area of their talents. “At Capilano we are constantly surrounded by artists,” said organizers Brett Devloo, Ceren Yamac and Hollie Sanders. “We can hear the students in classes practicing their music pieces, the students painting on the walls of the buildings. We see actors practicing their lines.” Through this event, the organizers hope to bring people together, and “show off the talents Capilano University students have in the performing arts.”

With auditions still in progress at the time of writing, it’s hard to say just what acts you will be seeing in the show. “So far, it’s been great!” said Sanders. “We have had musicians, dancers, comedians and poets contacting us to sign up for the show. We held our first round of in-person auditions and it was lots of fun to see the performers showing us what they got.”

As first year students, Devloo, Yamac and Sanders faced the unique challenge of figuring out the right event for the student body while still getting used to the campus environment. “Our organization process has actually been going very well,” Yamac mentions. “Our sponsors have been great to us and the help of our supervisor, Greg, has been exceptional.” Greg Robinson, Arts and Entertainment Lab supervisor, also assisted in organizing the second annual Lip Sync Battle last month. “The response has been very positive,” Yamac said. “People passing by have also been curious because they haven’t seen a talent showcase held at CapU before.”

While the runtime of the showcase is expected to be two hours, from 11 am to 1 pm, attendees are welcome to come and go throughout. Though, why not stay for the duration of the event when admission will be free? “Our audience can expect to have a real fun time with our musical, comedy and other artistic performances,” said Yamac. “Those who attend can find new inspirations, and even make new connections with students at [our] after party!” Following the showcase, you can join participants, organizers and students in the lobby of the BlueShore Theatre for an after-party reception, with music and free refreshments, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

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