DO’s and DON’TS for enjoying the season of sun

DO’s and DON’TS for enjoying the season of sun


At the Courier we usually include a festival guide in our last issue before the summer, but we’re going to change it up a bit this year. With most of the festivals around Vancouver remaining the same as past years, it would be a bit redundant to once again tell you about each one. So instead, we’re going to give you an expertly curated list of do’s and don’ts for festivals and general summertime fun.

For those of you who would like a roundup of the festivals though, here’s a quick summary. If you’d like to stay local you could go to FVDED in the Park on July 6 and 7 and party with a bunch of under-19-year-olds who have taken too many drugs and can’t keep their intoxicated composure. Having said that, this year’s lineup does have some strong names, but we’d advice catching them at the afterparty. New to the festival lineup this year is Skookum, a three-day event taking place at Stanley Park. From Sept. 7 to 9 the music, food and culture festival will inhabit the city’s largest park and is sure to be a hit with headliners like The Killers and Florence and the Machine.

If you’re looking to get out of the city, you have options as well. There’s Centre of Gravity in Kelowna, Sasquatch in Washington, Rifflandia in Victoria and many more in Vancouver’s general vicinity. With that being said, let’s move on to our list of do’s and don’ts if you’re attending any of these festivals, or enjoying the beautiful summer weather in general.

DO Stay Hydrated

When at festivals people get so excited and caught up in putting alcohol and other substances in their bodies that they often forget to hydrate. Don’t let this be you! One of the biggest keys to enjoying yourself safely is hydration. Make sure you’re matching each drink with a glass of water and if you’re going to a festival where you’ll be camping, bring some Gatorade. This doesn’t just apply to those of you who don’t think the words “sober” and “fun” belong in the same sentence. Even if you plan on being the responsible one who wants to remain in full control, if you’re going to be under the sun for hours on end you’ll be needing water.

DON’T Mooch

We all know that one person who always comes a little underprepared, but assumes that everyone’s got them covered. Of course, if someone needs a drink or a granola bar, most friends are more than willing to supply one, but not an entire weekends worth. If you’re going away for a few days, be it to go camping, to a festival or even on a trip – be prepared. You know yourself. You know what you eat and drink and how much, so bring that and a little more. And touching on this list’s first DO, make sure you bring non-alcoholic beverages with you as well.

DO Pace Yourself

We’ve all been there. You’re not quite sure how it happened, but it’s just past noon and you’re already drunker than any respectable creature with an ounce of intelligence should be, at any time of the day. This situation is usually brought on by a severe case of excitement. With summertime events starting earlier and going later in the day, there’s always the temptation to crack a drink with breakfast and not look back. While we would never want to stop you from being your best self, we would warn you that sometimes that version of you doesn’t have the foresight they should. Sure, starting early can be fun, but maybe avoid drinking games or copious amounts of consumption before noon. This doesn’t just apply to festivals either. There are rumors that a certain Courier editor has been seen on the patio of Seymour’s Pub downing Smirnoff Ice like there’s no tomorrow only to unwillingly be sent home before sunset in the past – avoid this. Pacing is key, never forget it.

DON’T Be “that guy”

Be it “that guy” or “that girl”, don’t be them. Whenever you’re going to a festival or a concert, unless you’re a billionaire who has arranged a private performance from your favourite artist, you won’t be the only one there. With this in mind, have fun without impeding on other’s experience. We all have that friend who always seems to be the loudest and most obnoxious person at an event, leading to you trying to distance and disassociate yourself from them – don’t be that person.

DO Have fun and try something new

Summer is maybe the best time of the year. Scratch that, it is. Any day has the potential to turn into an adventure, or just a classic park day. The one thing that ruins the summer is an underappreciation of it. After the first week of sun, we stop appreciating it and end up playing Fortnite all day, rather than going out and soaking up our Vitamin D. Then, when summer’s over, we say we wish we enjoyed it more. Rather than looking back with regret, get out there and enjoy the season. And if you actually get bored of hanging out at parks or hitting up patios, try something new. After all, Vancouver is one amazing city to spend a summer.

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