The SwipeGuru – Vancouver’s premier online dating expert revamps profiles

Vancouver’s premier online dating expert revamps profiles


What is it about writing our own profiles that leaves us with writer’s block? It takes time and creativity to script catchy yet informative profiles to not only describe who we are, but to also make someone like us enough to want to swipe right. We all know how daunting a task this may be and Leah was quick to recognize a potential demand; “and just like that, SwipeGuru was born,” said Leah.

“I was out at a bar one night and someone brought a new friend. He told me he was recently divorced and feeling too intimidated to leap into the online dating world, so he offered me $200 to help him, and I took him up on it,” explained Leah.

With an entrepreneurial drive and a love for photography, Leah was off to setup a business to help daters put their best face forward. Leah has worked mostly with men who have more money than time, or lack the social media skills but who are eager to jump into the online dating scene. Depending on what they’re looking for – hookups, casual sex, longterm relationships or any other terms like religious constraints – Leah will custom create a profile based on their needs, ranging in price. Over time she has become well established in the field, knowing exactly what to suggest, regardless of the dating platform.

For the SwipeGuru, the process usually looks something like this: Initially there will be a phone conversation with the client to discuss what they’re looking for and the various package offers, which can include a photoshoot session, photo retouching and a written bio. Then, if the client chooses to have professional photos taken, the SwipeGuru will set up a time with the client to have headshots done. “We’re often shooting in public, outdoors, somewhere that sets the tone of his personality,” said Leah.

The next step is the interview process. She has an inventory of questions to discuss with her clients depending on what they want to achieve in the dating process. She tries to showcase their personality and a side of them that normally wouldn’t show through their current online presence. Last but not least, she tailors the writeup to showcase the client in their best possible light.

For Leah, her work is more than just a job. She enjoys the creativity and interaction with each of her clients, which has ultimately led her to some memorable experiences, one of which involved a client that wanted more candid, and not just cookie-cutter profile pictures. “He came into my kitchen and started doing my dishes wearing my pink rubber gloves. Then he said ‘Okay, shoot’,” recalled Leah. “He got a girlfriend two weeks after I helped him, which I thought was miraculously fast. He’s pretty charming, though. I really felt proud to have helped him,” she said.

While for some it comes as second nature to whip up a profile of engaging one-liners and pictures accentuating all of our best assets, for the rest of the population this comes as a difficult, nearly impossible task. We’re our own worst critics, and stepping out of our heads to allow ourselves to find a partner can present us with internal conflict. Through taking time to appreciate and get to know ourselves, we can learn to embrace who we truly are without having to put up a front. And if you’re still hesitant about uploading that picture of you with your seven cats, luckily the SwipeGuru is happy and here to help.

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