CSU approves top choices of spots for student union building

The proposed area would require the Maple building to be torn down

Christine Beyleveldt // News Editor

After months without an update on the Student Union Building, which students began paying nearly an extra $3 per credit towards this academic year in order for it to be erected, the Capilano Student’s Union (CSU) has settled on their top choice of location for the building. At a board of directors meeting on Nov. 3, the CSU voted in favour of proposing to the school that they include in their campus master plan space for a two-story building where the Maple building currently stands as their first choice. Their second choice of location is next to the Cedar Courtyard.

Taking into account the financial aspect, accessibility needs and the most effective use of space, the CSU decided that their existing space in the Maple building was optimal. “What we have come to is that keeping the space that we have and going vertically would be all of the above,” Arts and Sciences Faculty Representative Christina Schultz told the board of directors. “The plans as far as the master plan [goes] are not fully developed or finalized, so this is more of a proposal that we can have a firm first and second option to speak to,” she added

The CSU went through a visioning process with Engineering Services Company Stantec, and concluded that they would not be able to get what they wanted out of the project if the Maple building were to be renovated, instead the Maple building would have to be demolished to make way for a new building. If the building were erected in their second choice of spot, part of the forest separating the north and south ends of campus would have to be removed in order to clear space.

While most of the Maple building is currently occupied by the CSU, where their office is located, the lounge and the Capilano Courier office, there are also several classrooms utilized by animation students. Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Faculty Representative Abbey Doucet inquired where the animation students might be relocated too, and Schultz responded that there are additional classrooms in the Arbutus building that aren’t being used, that might serve students well if the Maple building is demolished.

The motion is just a recommendation to the University, so that they don’t make a decision and tentatively place the Student Union Building in a far corner of campus as they draft the campus master plan.

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