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Lucid Arts Club

So-called Vancouver is known among many things, for its active arts and music scene — from indie music shows to locally organized gallery shows. However, there exists a gap in the arts scene of so-called Vancouver, one that Lucid Arts Club is helping to fill. Created in Spring 2021, Lucid Arts Club is a youth run art collective committed to, “celebrating the nuance and multiplicity of Queer existance by creating accessible events and media for QTBIPOC artists in so-called Vancouver and beyond.”

Art as Resistance and Reclamation

In a world where capitalism forces us to do almost everything for profit — turning our passions, our stories, ourselves, into a commodity in order to survive, art as resistance and reclamation is powerful. Although there are still many that are skeptical when it comes to art having an important role in social justice work, many do see it as significant in activism. Many also think of it as being a healing part of reclaiming one’s own cultural and ancestral ways. But what exactly does this mean?

Vision Board Magick: Harnessing Your Creativity for Manifestation

You may have heard of the concept and practice of manifestation a lot lately. Maybe you’ve been seeing it on TikTok, heard about it through your friends or have been delving into spirituality and witchcraft yourself. However you’ve heard about manifestation, it’s no joke. It works, and can be a powerful tool to bring your dreams to life. No more “someday,” the time is now. Manifesting with vision boards makes it that much more accessible and potent.