A match made at the net

Mya Fraser (She/Her) // Sports Editor
Sasha Lun (She/Her) // Illustrator

Embarking on their CapU journeys as student athletes on the volleyball teams, Meghan Koven and Simon Friesen first crossed paths at their student athlete orientation.

Both Koven and Friesen started playing in 2015, finished playing in 2020, and graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies. Koven typically played as a left side (outside hitter)/libero but graduated being able to say she played every position at least once. Friesen, former captain of the team, played the position of setter for his whole career.

Their first date was at Raglan’s, on lower Lonsdale. Upon their first few meetings, Friesen noted his initial impression of her was that “she seemed like a very cool person, and I wanted to get to know her,” while Koven stated how she instantly knew they would be good friends. “I thought he made good conversation and was super friendly.”

Throughout their time at CapU together, they found it easy to be connected. Besides playing the same sport and being in the same program, they even took some of the required courses together, allowing them to work on the same papers and projects with one another, making things more convenient. Being student athletes affected their relationship positively and was ultimately what brought them together as a couple. Friesen elaborates as more time has passed, “I’ve begun to see it more as a catalyst to bring us together because we are so similar—in lifestyles, upbringing, and values.” 

Post-graduation, the pandemic halted all their previous conversations of travel. They moved in together on the North Shore and started their careers. Koven has been working at Vancity for three years, first as a teller and more recently an advisor. Friesen previously worked as a Parks Attendant for the District of West Vancouver but has just started his career as a firefighter this January. Friesen, originally from Abbotsford, comments on his move, iterating how Koven has welcomed him into her extended North Vancouver family with open arms, and the amount of joy it has given him. “My life could’ve been quite lonely, moving to the new city of North Van away from all of my friends and family, but it wasn’t. It was like being adopted.” 

The pair had discussed their plans to spend their future together prior to the engagement, considering marriage, children, buying a house, their careers—all the important things. Koven had also spent time scouring the web for lots of wedding ring inspiration, which Friesen used to his advantage. A trusted friend recommended a craftsman in lower Lonsdale who could make custom rings. Sept. 23, 2023, was the day they officially became fiancées. Koven was under the impression she was heading to Caulfield Beach in West Vancouver to take photos with friends and then go out to a nice dinner. “She was dropped off, with a bit of suspicion of course due to the clear umbrellas coming out of her girlfriend’s car, but me standing with the champagne and a photographer to capture the moment gave it all away.” They were able to celebrate that evening with many of their friends and family at the bride-to-be’s parents’ house, which Friesen planned upon getting their blessing. 

When Koven was asked how she knew he was the one, she mentioned she knew right away they would be together a very long time if not their whole lives. “He’s an extremely hardworking, selfless, and genuine person. He is also kind-hearted, patient, and respectful in every aspect of his life. It is truly inspirational how much time and effort he will put into something he loves and does so in the humblest fashion. He is the epitome of a team player, and this shows constantly on the court and in our daily lives at home.”

When Friesen was asked the same question, he expressed having always thought of Koven as a super special person that he wanted to be with. After moving in together and finding a great balance of reliance on one another but also individuality he was sure it was just a matter of time. “I admire her kindness and caring nature the most—she is always willing to help somebody who needs it. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and family, and regardless of small negative interactions she doesn’t let one thing change her opinion of the people she loves. She is always there to make sure I don’t lose track of myself and what’s most important.”

When they reflect on their time at CapU, they mention their love for their teammates, coaches, team trips and hangouts, provincials, national championships, the sum of the entire experience. 

Friesen recounts one of his favorite memories when winning nationals was just FaceTiming Koven after the game. “Without trying to sound too cliché, but team sports kind of helped me see that sharing the moment with people or someone that is special to you is way more important than actually winning the game or tournament. She brought me back down to earth and helped me savor the moment and the feeling.” 

February 15 marks their eighth year together, and they’re gearing up to say “I do” in the summer of 2025.



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