Best Movie of the Summer

Barbie — a sensation

Vansh Malhotra (he/him/his) // Contributor
Alina Sandu (she/her) // Illustrator

Since childhood, I have thought of my passion for watching movies as transporting to another world and dreaming consciously has had an enlightening impact on my soul. This summer was an exciting time for me, as it brought a fascinating buffet of movies from different genres. However, one movie that was a sensation for me and captivated my heart is none other than Barbie

Barbie has been considered a symbol of being feminine in society. Nevertheless, something unexpected happened that got me rolling to the cinema to watch Barbie dressed in a pink outfit.. 

Suffering from anxiety issues, I could not live peacefully. I often spent time vacillating about my future with uneasiness. My father noticed my concern and took me to the movie Oppenheimer. I went with him in the vain hope of coming back home in a happier state. 

However, watching the historical thriller movie had the opposite effect on me — as indulging in the severe and monotonous world of science diverted my mind from the film, which started jumping like a monkey from one thing to another happening in my life. Thoughts began pounding in my head, and I lost track of the movie as I could not stay mindful. I came home in an enraged state and wept bitterly. 


I recounted the events of Oppenheimer to my Indian friend. She again encouraged me to watchBarbie; this time, I gave in as I needed something to make me feel happy. Soon, Barbie became my medicine. Watching this lighthearted movie involving humor and comedy with a deep meaning, I did not realize when I started looking at anxiety with a lens of positivity to help me achieve my goals and enable me on the path of success in life. I made anxiety fall in love with me by treating it like a friend that triggers motivation in me to work hard on my goals rather than considering it an enemy which drives me crazy. I started laughing while watching the movie with its colorful background and the fairytale music that enlivened my spirits. 

I realized that the idea of watching the movie Barbie felt so silly that I could not control my unconditional laughter bubbling like a fountain. This movie helped me cultivate a childlike, playful attitude toward life. After watching this movie, my anxiety decreased, and I enjoyed being silly. The solemn world of Oppenheimer increased my knowledge about science while I battled with concentration, Barbie became the stress buster that helped me live in the present moment.  


I became a different person as I took a new approach to life. Small things make me happy, and I love viewing my destiny from the lens of Barbie, who knows the importance of mindfulness. I called my friend and thanked her for suggesting this excellent film. It revitalized magic in my life. So, if you think that watching Barbie seems childish, believe me, you are making an egregious error and stopping yourself from discovering one hour and fifty-four minutes of happiness.

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