Is It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Illustration by Erika Medina

Christmas Decorations and Their Jolly Associations

Annalisse Crosswell, Associate News Editor

I can’t honestly say that Christmas itself is something that I celebrate – in fact I have a certain complex about how spending major holidays alone gives emphasis to the fact that I moved to the other side of the world. However, that does not stop me from using Christmas decorations to up the positive ante on my day-to-day life. Yes, I keep my miniature Michael’s baubles on my weird dead flower arrangement with skiing moose decor at its side, all year round.

I downplay the Christmas element during the year, but as soon as it starts to get cold and miserable out I get out the little lights and make it nice and Christmas-y. This is not to say that I am an advocate of getting all the Christmas decorations out pre-December, but I definitely don’t think it is necessary to wait until Dec. 24 to get festive. It’s not Christmas’ fault it’s so damn cute and aesthetic.

If you also fall in this camp you’ll be happy to know that you can even use science to defend your opinion now. According to one study, those of us who get out the Christmas decorations well in advance are happier. The thinking is that the nostalgia of the holidays and the cheerful happy associations we have make this stressful time of year easier to bear. Psychoanalyst, Steve McKeown commented, “In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood.”

Christmas tends to be a busy, stressful time of year, but, if you’re strangely invested in having an aesthetically pleasing environment like some, those pretty coloured baubles and the colour coordination of such, should be allowed as early in the year as your mental state requires.

No(t Yet)vember

Nirosh Saravanan, Contributor

The winter holidays are great and all but there is just so much extra baggage that comes with them. Whether it’s the stress of getting plans in check, getting the flu somewhere along the way or dealing with your family, the holidays aren’t as merry as they were when you were younger. Not to mention that it seems the festivities start earlier and earlier each year.

Let’s face it, crowds are everywhere. Enthusiastic shoppers are trying to get the latest deals and steals. Somewhere in this chaos, you too are trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone. You’ll go from store to store, hoping they have the right size/brand/scent. When you go back outside, it’s raining. Great, did you bring an umbrella? Of course you didn’t, it was sunny when you left. All part of the Vancouver winter experience. Not to mention that everyone is absolutely miserable.

Or you’re commuting. Whether it be by plane, train or automobile, everyone else is doing it too. Now traffic comes to a screeching halt while you’re trying to get home in time for a nice turkey dinner with the family.

Getting sick is fun too. The low humidity and the fact that everyone is indoors makes it incredibly easy to pass along a cold or something worse. You might as well stock up on some tea and tissues while you’re at the mall.

The barrage of carols will wreak havoc too, with too many of them leading to distraction and dismay among retail workers. For the business as a whole, the holidays help to drive sales by enticing customers to buy more. This isn’t the most wonderful time of year, retail shops have just tried to convince us it is to sell more products. If you are feeling the holiday spirit, please, for all of us, keep it to yourself.

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