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  • Late night warriors

    Late night warriors

    When Rick Lacelle woke up, he had a lot on his mind. His girlfriend had just gone back to Vancouver Island for school a couple …

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Humans of Capilano

Q: What place changed you the most as a person?
Dominic Guieb Photo

"Respect your elders. I realized this at an early age because of the values my parents instilled in me. I go through everyday trying to help the elderly, doing little things like opening doors for them or asking how their day is going."

—  Dominic Guieb Photo

  • New president returns to lead Capilano into next chapter

    After helping Capilano College earn university accreditation eight years ago, Paul Dangerfield is excited to be returning as president, where he can bring the many lessons he’s learned at other post-secondary institutions with him too. “Eight years later, I feel I’ve gained a lot of skills and experience, and other understandings from at least two […]Read More »
  • School of Communication screens national debate

    On Tuesday Oct. 4, Republican Congressman Steven Kuykendaal and Democratic Congressman Martin Lancaster joined the Capilano University School of Communication for a live screening of the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate in the Blueshore Financial Theatre, followed by a discussion forum. This election is unlike any other because both candidates have highly unfavorable ratings. Historic elections […]Read More »

  • The concierge of Vancouver

    Vancouver’s controversial housing market is no longer just inspiring new laws and taxes — it has also become a subject for theatrical storytelling. Inspired by the city’s unforgiving housing environment, Matchmaker Productions created The Concierge of Vancouver, a comedy that tackles the detrimental effects of Vancouver’s rising costs of living. The story follows the double-life […]Read More »
  • Capilano grad looks ahead to VIFF premiere

    It’s only been two-and-a-half years since Sophy Romvari left Capilano University with a degree in Motion Picture Arts (MOPA), but in that time she’s managed to amass more artistic experience than most people acquire in a decade. In addition to the obvious filmmaking pursuits one would expect from a MOPA grad, Romvari has found fulfillment […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

  • CSU to host free screenings of Canadian films on campus

    Canadian content in media and entertainment is being placed on the back burner as more American content makes its way into our country. James Cameron, David Cronenburg and Norman Jewison are Canadian filmmakers and lauded as some of the greatest directors of all time — but few are aware of that. The Capilano Students’ Union […]Read More »
  • A guide to the CSU student liaisons

    A campus such as Capilano University is often regarded as a space for students to explore their passions, challenge concepts and broaden their minds to a new way of thinking and problem solving. It is also a space to spread awareness and create support networks for minority groups. The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has a […]Read More »
  • Ovaltine, oompa loompas, and the oval office

    Anyone who believes that Hillary Clinton (69), Donald Trump (70) or even Bernie Sanders (75) are too old and feeble to serve their country as president should look no further than their fa-vourite classic rock stars to see how wrong they are. The parallels between globetrotting politicians and grey haired singer-songwriters can’t be ignored. Both […]Read More »
  • The value of Canada’s monarchy

    The dust has settled since a recent visit by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but it has once again brought up the conversation on the status of Canada’s monarchy. More than ever, Cana-dian people are apathetic to the Queen’s activities, leading to a wealth of opinions on why Can-ada should become a republic, and sever […]Read More »

  • The unlearned society

    The unlearned society

    The luxuries of our modern, affluent civilization have engendered a troubling addiction to entertainment, and a disorienting detachment from that ultimate guiding star in our quest for knowledge: survival. In evolutionary terms, knowledge has always been tied to survival, but now we like to think, selfishly and dangerously, that surviving isn’t really hard enough that […]
  • Reign Vancouver

    Reign Vancouver

    East Vancouver-based artist Ali Bruce is prolific. To look at her artwork is to regard something unique, strong and becoming increasingly recognizable around the city. The Capilano Courier visited Bruce in her apartment where the walls are adorned with canvases and various art with kaleidoscopic colours – the perfect backdrop for our conversation. Art for […]
  • Oh, the places you’ll know

    Oh, the places you’ll know

    With Vancouver’s weather turning cold, dark and grey, I figure you must be in the midst of planning a trip to somewhere equally miserable. I’ll be honest with you, dear reader, I have absolutely no faith in your ability to plan a sensible vacation. Thank me later for not believing in you, because right now […]
  • News to make you feel good

    News to make you feel good

    Regardless of how shitty your week is or how many midterms you are cramming for, I can guarantee that Rougned Odor is having a worse week than you are. On Oct. 9, in the third playoff game against the Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays bad boy and third baseman Josh Donaldson made sure that the […]
  • 1600 and still runnin’

    1600 and still runnin’

    Clinton delivers confident and loose performance in opening debate By Kevin Kapenda Last Monday, Secretary Clinton took big steps toward reclaiming her large lead over Trump with a debate performance that surprised even her most ardent of supporters. While most presidential debates are settled by the narrowest of margins, Clinton spurned conventional wisdom, with most […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Music Therapy

The program marked an important milestone on Sept. 30 with a social event and film screening held at the Bosa Centre.

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Arts & Culture

  • Lindsey Stirling

    Lindsey Stirling

    On Sept. 28, renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling electrified The Orpheum in a concert that not only involved music, but also …
  • Campaign


    Despite its prevailing title, Ty Dolla Sign’s recent project, Campaign, lacks much of what made him memorable during his breakthrough …
  • The Altar

    The Altar

    Judging by the title, Banks’ second album, The Altar might suggest that it’s a companion release to her debut, Goddess. …
  • 22, A Million

    22, A Million

    Oddly enough, Justin Vernon’s impact on music reverberates more resoundingly in hip-hop and r&b than it does with the folk …
  • Ballers


    Television can get quite lonely when summer arrives. Aside from the lack of shows, there are basically no sports on …