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  • The toll of a broken heart

    The toll of a broken heart

    Breaking up is hard to do, there’s no doubt about it. However, the hardest part isn’t facing your forlorn lover – it’s trying to move on from the experience after it has all played out. …Read More »

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  • Who wears the white gloves

    Who wears the white gloves

    Some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet at a rave will be wearing a pair of white gloves. If you’re polite, they’ll probably give you a light show, a performance where a glover uses …Read More »
  • The new 1984

    The new 1984

    Fake news is seemingly everywhere. It has been for a long time, but nobody cared about half-truths and little white lies or celebrity gossip until they threatened the establishment. Perhaps it marks a cultural shift …Read More »
  • The final chapter

    The final chapter

    Kay Carter had been suffering from spinal stenosis for years and knew she was going to become debilitated before she would die. Rather than wait until she was no longer in possession of her own …Read More »

Photos: Rail Jam 2017

The Uncapped Rail Jam, now in its fifth year, has become an annual event that's both fun for the campus community and an avenue for social change. This year, on Jan. 26, the Chill Foundation turned up to talk to students while the CSU served up hot chilli and CapU's skiers and snowboarders took to the rails to show off their moves.

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Humans of Capilano

What lesson most impacted your everyday life?
Dominic Guieb Photo

—  Dominic Guieb Photo

"Treat people the way you want to be treated. I've learned it through my 23 years when I started to notice that when I was bad to people they were bad to me and when I was good to people they were good to me. Simple as that."


  • Under the guise of the sad guy

    Over the years, the Capilano Courier, has cultivated a reputation for its colourful Valentine’s Day covers, but none was more memorable than the 2011 edition. The annual special issue featured cover art from then-production manager Shannon Elliott, which depicted a sad guy with tears streaming from his oversized eyes and clutching a rose with the […]Read More »
  • One ring to rule them all

    With good ol’ Valentine’s Day right around the corner, partners all over the globe are looking for special gifts for their special someone, while others curse the name of St.Valentine, due to their lack of partnership. And while some look to fill their holiday with boxes of chocolates, champagne or a dozen red roses, unique […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

  • Who You: Rachel and Ashley English

    Rachel and Ashley English are figuratively joined at the hip. The Capilano University Business Administration students are identical twins and best friends. On the pros and cons of being identical, the sisters agree that it has its ups and downs. “What I like is that I always have someone who’s there, a permanent go-to person […]Read More »
  • Who you: Jasleen Kaur

    Capilano University Motion Picture Arts (MOPA) graduate Jasleen Kaur has already started on her way to prosperity. Kaur is currently planning the release of her first major documentary, Maple, which covers the events surrounding the 2011 shooting death of 19-year-old Simon Fraser University student and aspiring actress and model, Maple Batalia. The idea came to […]Read More »

  • Outlining the problems of animation

    Once again, it appears that Hollywood continues to struggle with what to do about women in the work force. A female who wants to make it as an animator faces the same problem that many women do in other specialized fields: overrepresented in University, but underrepresented in the industry. For some reason, people like to […]Read More »
  • Alternative facts claims Trump administration’s first victims: Conway and Spicer

    Many news outlets sheepishly described the first 72 hours of Trump’s Presidency as “petty”, alluding to Counsellor Kellyanne Conway’s assertion that the administration’s alternative facts discredited media photographs revealing visibly low crowd sizes at the 45th President’s inauguration. CNN’s Bakari Sellers delivered a much more accurate assessment of DJT’s first days in the White House, […]Read More »

  • First Nations first

    First Nations first

    Being a member of Tsleil-Waututh is an honour, at least to my family and I. During my childhood, I never really knew about my culture since we lost most of it with residential schools, but it didn’t stop my people from re-learning our rich traditions. Everything changed when I entered my adolescent years. I come […]
  • Dropping the f-bomb

    Dropping the f-bomb

    On Saturday, Jan. 21, I woke up with a raging headache and a task list a kilometre long. I’m among those Capilano University students who both work and go to school full-time – a product of rising precariousness in the lives of Millennials: housing insecurity, food insecurity, rising cost of living, heavy student debt and […]
  • Legislature watch

    Legislature watch

    With razor-thin poll numbers, very little money in the bank and voter turnout probably set to decline for a third straight election, there isn’t a whole lot to be smiling at for those who want change in this year’s provincial election. Over the past 12 months, articles published in the Vancouver Sun (with anti-NDP endorsing […]
  • I can code you the world

    I can code you the world

    I was helping out at a coding workshop the other day when one of the students came to me saying that her computer wasn’t working properly. Assuming there was something wrong with her code, I got ready for some debugging. To my surprise, however, the problem she had was something I hadn’t seen in quite […]
  • Sip, sip, hurray

    Sip, sip, hurray

    It’s been a rough few weeks, especially for our American neighbours. After the overly-aggressive Cheeto Tiny Hands became President of the United States, I know many Americans who’ve become disillusioned, upset and frankly could use a little pick-me-up. My Ohio-born and raised girlfriend, Victoria, was one of those many angry Americans, and today’s food choice […]

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  • Fin


    For a while, Syd revelled in the mystique of The Internet’s complex synergy of acid jazz and trip hop, but …
  • Culture


    While the Migos have been finding success in the music industry for some time, they have only now released their …
  • SweetSexySavage


    Well, the award for most descriptively accurate album title for the first quarter of 2017 goes to none other than …
  • I See You

    I See You

    For years, The xx revelled in the atmospheric, minimalist and melancholic beats that producer Jamie xx grew famous for. After …
  • The Drum Chord Theory

    The Drum Chord Theory

    Matt Martians seems comfortable away from the spotlight. The 28-year-old keyboardist and producer has spent much of his career making …