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  • The final chapter

    The final chapter

    Kay Carter had been suffering from spinal stenosis for years and knew she was going to become debilitated before she would die. Rather than wait …

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Dominic Guieb Photo

—  Dominic Guieb Photo

"Don't constantly live in the future. Precious the moment in life are the simple ones that you need to kind of take in."


  • When will the CSU have a student-owned building?

    On Jan. 12, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) held a student union building (SUB) town hall to present their vision for the potential space, what services and amenities it would include and where on campus it could be located. The SUB town hall was facilitated by VP Internal Amina El Mantari and engineering firm Stantec, […]Read More »
  • What’s new with the CSU?

    On Jan. 13, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) held a board meeting in which an upcoming pub night, a review of the student union building (SUB) town hall and a representative to the alumni association was discussed. Pub Night Series Among the various issues discussed at the meeting included the CSU’s ongoing pub night series, […]Read More »

  • Something in Wonderland

    Fresh off the release from his debut EP, Something In Wonderland, Vancouver singer and producer Stevie Ross is constantly looking to refine his craft and push himself further. Born in Brooks, Alberta, Ross comes from a diverse musical background. “I grew up listening to 70s rock, blues and soul, going through my dad’s record collection,” […]Read More »
  • Buy u a drank

    While Capilano University may have a truly beautiful location, it is also lacking some of the key components to a thriving campus. CapU has no on-campus bar, opting instead to strike a deal with Seymour’s Bar & Grill and make it CapU’s student bar. Students are offered 25 per cent off food at Seymour’s, and […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

  • Who You: Thorin Loeks on risks and happiness

    Thorin Loeks could hardly say he is stressed by the workload of being a fourth-year communication student at Capilano University. The 26-year-old can often be found strumming his guitar in his spare time. He is currently working on his second album, Shine Through the Dark, which will be released on St. Patrick’s Day. The album […]Read More »
  • Indie film ‘Violent’ showing this week

    Indie film Violent will screen in the Nat and Flora Bosa Centre Theatre on Jan. 19. The film was shown at the Cannes film festival in 2014 where it received critical acclaim and is screening at SFU Woodward’s and the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society simultaneously. Director Andrew Huculiak will conduct a question and answer session […]Read More »
  • Christmas garbage: It’s the thought that counts

    There’s no doubt that Christmas is not a good time for the environment. Wrapping paper, tape, plastic covers, cardboard boxes — not to mention the gifts themselves, are all produced in factories that are far from eco-friendly. This has caused Metro Vancouver municipalities to start a “create memories, not waste” campaign, encouraging people to re-gift […]Read More »
  • Fake news info-tastrophe

    In the aftermath of the US election, Facebook and Google have been playing defence. Having faced accusations that fake news stories shared on their platforms throughout the election cycle influenced voters’ choices, the two companies now appear to be taking action. Online publishing of false and misleading information is no recent phenomenon, but vigorous opponents […]Read More »

  • Reign Vancouver

    Reign Vancouver

    “It affects so much inside of you. It makes you see things differently. It’s like an energy – better than any drug,” Isaac Jeffs confessed about the inspiration behind his music. Jeffs has been playing the guitar for over a decade and, since 2012, he’s been strumming experimental sounds with his band, Spruce Traps. The […]
  • International house of pancakes

    International house of pancakes

    With the days becoming colder and darker every week, it’s the perfect time to explore the lesser known elements of Persian cuisine. While kebabs have decidedly entered the Western mainstream, let’s look at some of the more obscure dishes from the Middle-East. Rice is a staple ingredient in Persian cuisine and is most often steamed […]
  • 1600 and still runnin’

    1600 and still runnin’

    Trump win could spur liberal resurgence By Brandon Kostinuk What!? President-Elect Donald Trump could be good for liberal Americans? Well, it isn’t so absolute as much as theoretical, and very much grounded in an expansive political estimate on a diverse and ever-shifting US political culture. But, nevertheless. One of the first things you learn in […]
  • Hello? Is anybody home?

    Hello? Is anybody home?

    On Nov. 15, the City of Vancouver approved a one per cent Empty Homes Tax which will penalize real estate investors who leave their homes empty for more than six months out of the year. This comes after the 15 per cent Foreign Buyer Tax on those who are not Canadian citizens, which was implemented […]
  • Sip, sip, hurray

    Sip, sip, hurray

    I’ve had many requests over the duration of this column so I thought this would be a good time to accommodate one of the biggies. Today, I’m continuing with the chicken theme from the last entry by tackling Colonel Sanders’ famous Kentucky Fried Chicken. What else is there to say about KFC? Greasy, fatty, deep […]

Photos: International Experience and Study Abroad Fair

CapU’s International Experience and Study Abroad Fair was held in the Birch cafeteria on Nov. 15 as part of International Education Week that ran from Nov. 14 to 18. Students who had previously spent time abroad for their university education were eager to rave about their experiences in China and Vietnam, Australia and Iran to a crowd of curious students who attended.

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  • We Got it From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service

    We Got it From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service

    It can be hard these days to find a rap album without the sounds of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) overcrowding …
  • 24K Magic

    24K Magic

    Since his arrival to the very forefront of mainstream music, Bruno Mars has established himself as one of the preeminent …
  • Woman


    After a five-year wait, Justice is back with their third album, Woman — and it was well worth the wait. …
  • Black Mirror

    Black Mirror

    Don’t be put off by the fact that only season three is available on Netflix. Each episode of Black Mirror …
  • Westworld


    Westworld fits perfectly well in the modern HBO ethos. It’s a gripping narrative that is abundant with multi-layered characters, a …