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  • Finding light in the dark

    Finding light in the dark

    The human mind is a fragile thing where a simple sentence has the power to send our whole world crashing down and where certain smells and songs can make us well up with sadness or …Read More »

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  • No more reform

    No more reform

    One of the biggest promises Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made on the campaign trail leading up to the Oct. 2015 federal election was electoral reform. “We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the …Read More »
  • The toll of a broken heart

    The toll of a broken heart

    Breaking up is hard to do, there’s no doubt about it. However, the hardest part isn’t facing your forlorn lover – it’s trying to move on from the experience after it has all played out. …Read More »
  • Who wears the white gloves

    Who wears the white gloves

    Some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet at a rave will be wearing a pair of white gloves. If you’re polite, they’ll probably give you a light show, a performance where a glover uses …Read More »
  • The new 1984

    The new 1984

    Fake news is seemingly everywhere. It has been for a long time, but nobody cared about half-truths and little white lies or celebrity gossip until they threatened the establishment. Perhaps it marks a cultural shift …Read More »
  • The final chapter

    The final chapter

    Kay Carter had been suffering from spinal stenosis for years and knew she was going to become debilitated before she would die. Rather than wait until she was no longer in possession of her own …Read More »

World of Colour Fills Cedar Courtyard 2017

Holi, also known as the festival of colours, is a traditional Hindu celebration of spring marked by dancing and throwing coloured powder. On March 9 in the Cedar courtyard, the Centre for International Experience hosted CapU’s first World of Colour event. Students, staff and faculty painted the courtyard red, yellow and blue.

Humans of Capilano

What lesson most impacted your everyday life?
Dominic Guieb Photo

—  Dominic Guieb Photo

"Treat people the way you want to be treated. I've learned it through my 23 years when I started to notice that when I was bad to people they were bad to me and when I was good to people they were good to me. Simple as that."

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  • CSU General Election: Will students vote yes or no?

    Starting tomorrow on Mar. 21, until Thursday Mar. 23, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) will be having their General Elections in which all of their Board of Directors positions, and their five referendum questions, will be voted on by students. The two costliest referendum questions for students will include an increase to the Student Building […]Read More »
  • A refreshing change

    You may have noticed that capilanou.ca is looking a little different these days. Capilano University IT Services and Communications and Marketing Department have collaborated to implement a site-wide “refresh.” This is mainly to integrate the new Capilano logo and brand into the university website. However, the refresh also involves updating fonts, colours, and creating a seamless and uniform […]Read More »

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  • Zoe’s baked goods

    Making macarons can be a tricky procedure. Their batter can be quite delicate and the most minor of missteps can lead to the pastry coming out deflated, too crunchy or even hollowed. Despite failing time and time again to create a perfect macaron, Zoe Goode persevered. It wasn’t until after her seventh downfall that she […]Read More »
  • The road to Escondido

    Jessica Maros isn’t at all ashamed of her Canadian roots – it’s just that the band she fronts and the city she lives in couldn’t be farther from the land of beavers and back bacon. Since 2011, the Port Moody-born singer has comprised one half of the “desert rock” duo, Escondido, with Tyler James. Their artistic […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

Top Stories

  • Career services to host “Jobs for Caps” hiring fair

    For Eileen Wang, manager of Capilano University’s Career Services department, the lack of drive and direction from students has been disheartening. She described how students would come to her during drop-in hours with no formative career goals and no competitive edge, and it inspired her to take action. “We want [students] to have great education […]Read More »
  • Who you: Chris Hardcastle

    Anyone who has taken a law class with Chris Hardcastle will tell you he’s hilarious. Aside from being a respected and easily-accessible figure at Capilano University, little do most people know that their favourite legal instructor is also a doting father of two young girls and a passionate music aficionado who plays classical and flamenco […]Read More »

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  • Taking the alternative seat in the oval office

    Regardless of your political views, there’s no doubt that the Trump administration is easily one of the most controversial in recent North American history. From the way its executives talk to the way they act, it seems no one can go a week, let alone a day, without the administration coming up in conversation. Recently, […]Read More »
  • Healthy bodies are only achieved with a healthy mindset

    By this time of the year, most people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and lose weight. As the weather slowly gets warmer again, there will be pressure to have a “bikini body” to show off in the sunny days to come. But for those who really want to improve […]Read More »

  • Reign Vancouver

    Reign Vancouver

    Over 190,000 tons of food is wasted in Metro Vancouver every year – more than 50 per cent are quality items that could’ve been eaten. Founded in September 2016, Food Stash is striving to reduce the staggering amount of waste by rescuing neglected food. Unsold and slighted items from farms, markets and cafés are picked […]
  • Sip, sip, hurray

    Sip, sip, hurray

    Subway is a rather divisive place. Either it transports you to a new world of delicious, semi-healthy wonder or it brings you to a disappointing reality of yoga-mat-like-bread and chicken that’s actually only 50 per cent chicken. Let’s get back on track, though. Subway has been a staple of the student diet for ages. It’s […]
  • Get on up

    Get on up

    The past week or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about helplessness. I don’t know what sparked this, but the thought of it deeply resonated with me. I see helplessness as the feeling that life is happening to me and all I can do is accept it – like an out of control passive existence. […]
  • The week in geek

    The week in geek

    Growing up, every single person I knew had approximately 1,700 Archie comics. Wholesome and pure, although sometimes unintentionally very sexual, the world of Riverdale was always the perfect place to escape while sitting on the toilet at your friend’s house. When I heard an Archie television series was filming in Vancouver, I’ll admit I got […]
  • I can code you the world

    I can code you the world

    Last time on this column, we looked at some of the uses for cloud computing. One such application was dealing with “Big Data”, as the cloud gives us access to the necessary computational power needed to make sense of massive amounts of data. But where does all this data come from? Some data is submitted […]


Arts & Culture

  • Kitchen gadget reviews

    Kitchen gadget reviews

    Joie Vacuum Wine Pump Bottle Topper $3.99 at London Drugs The only way to figure out if this thing truly …
  • Why food programs have been making the rounds at Vancouver’s craft breweries

    Why food programs have been making the rounds at Vancouver’s craft breweries

    Craft beer lovers have grown accustomed to filling a growler at their favourite local watering hole, but what about filling …
  • Drawing drinks

    Drawing drinks

    Vancouver’s craft beer scene is no longer a secret, and it hasn’t been for quite some time. While the beer …
  • Cheap and easy week-long meals

    Cheap and easy week-long meals

    For most university students, it’s a struggle to afford healthy groceries and even to have the time to cook. It’s …
  • Beerly beloved

    Beerly beloved

    Like any of life’s important milestones, one’s first attempt at homebrewing isn’t likely to be forgotten. Even if the outcome …

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Arts & Culture

  • Drunk


    Thundercat wants to take you on an intergalactic space journey. In his third album, Drunk, the multi-genre jazz guitarist exhibits …
  • Gang Signs & Prayer

    Gang Signs & Prayer

    Stormzy’s first album, Gang Signs & Prayer, is a masterpiece. The British grime emcee recorded a collection of tracks that …
  • Steve Lacy’s Demo

    Steve Lacy’s Demo

    Steve Lacy’s Demo is one of the most exciting releases to come out of the West Coast in quite some …
  • ÷


    The anticipation is finally over for Ed Sheeran fans who have patiently been waiting for new songs since X released …
  • American Teen

    American Teen

    Don’t be surprised if Khalid’s debut album American Teen, flies under the radar and never scratches the surface of today’s …