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  • The guy who lived on campus

    The guy who lived on campus

    Walking through the sliver of forest beside Capilano University’s Fir building today, one isn’t likely to find anything out of the ordinary — but 16 …

Humans of Capilano

Photography: Dominic Guieb

  • Capilano University appoints David T. Fung as its new chancellor

    After nearly 10 months without a chancellor, Capilano University’s Board of Governors has appointed Dr. David T. Fung to the position. He will assume the role later this spring after a formal installation ceremony set to take place at convocation on June 6. He replaces Dr. Ken Haycock, who resigned on June 25 of last year. […]Read More »
  • J. Paul Dangerfield named new president of Capilano University

    BREAKING NEWS: J. Paul Dangerfield has been appointed Capilano University’s seventh president and third vice-chancellor. He takes the reins of Capilano University on October 1, 2016. Since 2014 he has been executive director and Vancouver campus dean of the New York Institute of Technology. But if the name sounds familiar, it’s because he was previously […]Read More »

  • CapLive expands to combine music and visual art

    With classes winding down for the semester and the final day of exams scheduled for Apr. 15, what better way to blow off some steam than to go and see some live music and visual art? The ability to do so in a bar — where you can drink away your sorrows if you might […]Read More »
  • Who cares about hockey?

    For the last six months, I’ve spent at least three hours a week in the local arena, freezing my ass off and watching 17-year-olds play with their sticks. As a community news reporter in Fernie, BC, one of my main duties has been covering the Junior B Team, the Fernie Ghostriders, with vigilance and enthusiasm. […]Read More »

  • Should Happn make things happen for people?

    Whether we like it or not, online dating has become ubiquitous in our society. It is no longer a last resort, but the most prevalent way to meet other single people. As far as Vancouver is concerned, everybody leads very busy lives. It’s an expensive city, and so many people work multiple jobs to make […]Read More »
  • Letter to the editor: The Bulcrofted university

    Editor’s note: The following was submitted in response to a Jan. 18 article, “Students circulate petition for collaborative space: IDEA program chair proposes new usage for underutilized Willow building.” It is our editorial policy to accept Letters to the Editor from the campus community and we make our best efforts to publish all that we […]Read More »

  • CapU students spread awareness about responsible tourism

    Travel and volunteer trips abroad are incredible opportunities when performed responsibly, and that is the message four of Capilano University’s Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management students hope to give through their partnership with Community Based Sustainable Tourism Training (CBT) Vietnam. CBT Vietnam is an initiative that works with ethnic minorities in the villages of Taphin […]Read More »
  • To the next level

    A silver medal finish isn’t going to satisfy the thirst for success that resonates from the Capilano Blues women’s basketball team. In fact, it only fuels a fierce comeback next season. The Blues recently finished second in the Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) provincial tournament, marking the second time they reached the championship game in […]Read More »

  • The mute button

    The mute button

    Words are basic yet powerful tools for communication, and with our ever-evolving society comes ever-evolving words. Cyclical and bountiful terms are slowly becoming integrated into our collective lexicons to include the expanding changes in society. In order to be inclusive, definitions and terms are changing to help alleviate bias or discrimination for any persons. Language […]
  • The beat that I’m bangin’

    The beat that I’m bangin’

    Change is something that provokes fear almost as regularly as Donald Trump. As students, we are about to embark on some pleasant changes soon — summer, a time when we will struggle to find decently paying work and some semblance of a tan. Change is on the way. The air will soon smell sweeter and […]
  • Sip, Sip, Hurray!

    Sip, Sip, Hurray!

    Like coming to the end of a good bottle, we’ve arrived to the final entry of the year. It has been a fantastic two terms pairing wines with all manner of student foods and I hope I’ve spurred you all into a ravenous passion for learning more about that delicious fermented grape juice. In this […]
  • Global state of affairs

    Global state of affairs

    People sure do love a good political upheaval. Riots, revolutions and radical leaders are popping out from all corners of the world. As we brace for the possible rise to power of Donald Trump and his radical hair-do, let’s take a moment to look back at the many events of recent months, all of which […]
  • News you haven’t heard

    News you haven’t heard

    For many in the world of art, the path to prestige is a long and hard one filled with perils, distractions and hardship. Many people who set out on this path don’t ever reach the end, disheartened by years of struggling to get their art into even a small local gallery. Even those who find […]

Art Shorts

Arts & Culture

  • Cabaret


    On Mar. 17, Exit 22 Productions unveiled their final show of the 2015-16 season on Capilano University’s Blueshore Centre’s stage. …
  • Santigold


    Santigold has always been a dilettante. Part of the appeal of her 2008 self-titled debut was the ease in which …
  • Swooner


    Well, The Zolas have finally done it. It was a long time coming, but Swooner has the Vancouver-based band finally …
  • Madama Butterfly

    Madama Butterfly

    Vancouver Opera’s production of Giacomo Puccini’s classic Italian opera Madama Butterfly transformed the stage of Queen Elizabeth Theatre into 20th …
  • Untitled Unmastered.

    Untitled Unmastered.

    Less than a year after he dropped his universally-acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar is back …