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  • Making the right move

    Making the right move

    Who doesn’t want to live in downtown Vancouver? It’s the heart of the city, steps away from the beaches and the best spots in the …

Humans of Capilano

Q: What do you look for in a first impression?
Dominic Guieb Photo

"Shoes. You can tell a lot about someone by their shoes. If I see someone has a nice clean pair of brown oxfords, it's easy to tell that he's got his (shit) together."

(Photo by: Dominic Guieb)

  • Good Earth coffeehouse celebrates grand opening at CapU

    The daily grind for a Capilano University student just got a little easier thanks to a new café in the CapU library corridor. Just over a month ago, Calgary-based Good Earth Coffeehouse became the latest franchise to join Compass Group Canada’s expanded food service offerings at CapU. The location officially opened on Sept. 21 with […]Read More »
  • Front-line care for Canada’s aging population

    Capilano University’s Health Care Assistant (HCA) program is working hard to meet the demands of BC’s increasingly aging communities. “As the population ages, the demand for health care assistants is going to continue to increase,” said HCA program Coordinator Carol Tanner. On Sep. 13 and 14, the HCA program held information sessions on the North […]Read More »

  • Taking the road less travelled

    Capilano University’s state-of-the-art Motion Picture Arts (MOPA) program produces some top-notch films each year, but when summer rolls around, the building stands empty and the equipment goes in for servicing. Approximately seven years ago, Michael Thoma, Chair of MOPA program, introduced Advanced Film Projects, an extracurricular activity that would allow students to make use of […]Read More »
  • The Courier guide to fitness in North Vancouver

    Now that school is in full swing and the readings are piling up, you probably forgot to schedule in one last thing: your health! Fitness is a key part of everyone’s health and has an amazing array of benefits. And what are they exactly? “Stress release, hormone balance, a sense of accomplishment, better sleep, and […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

  • Q+A with Calvin DeGroot

    Calvin DeGroot thought he would have more time on his hands after graduating from Capilano University’s Communications program in 2016. DeGroot, a keen and vocal activist throughout his time at CapU, split his time between his studies, work with issues like climate change and Kinder Morgan and the restaurant industry. After just four-and-a-half years of […]Read More »
  • Who you: HRMA

    Regardless of scope, businesses always have something in common — they rely on Human Resources (HR) to recruit employees, provide benefits and mediate disputes in the workforce. Employees form the backbone of any organization, and usually an HR team is responsible for selecting the most competent workers and keeping them geared towards their goals. Capilano […]Read More »
  • Volunteering to save the world

    Volunteering is a noble endeavour. Whether you want to build some trails, feed the homeless or take care of some orphans in Malawi, volunteering can help strengthen our society and our world. These good deeds are well worth the effort. However, in the age of Instagram and poverty porn, sometimes we need to take a […]Read More »
  • An argument for gender-inclusive washrooms

    Another year, another attempt for on-campus groups to advocate for gender-inclusive (or gender-neutral) washrooms. Despite appeals to equity, public health and safety concerns related to transgender, non-binary and queer folks, there is still a lot of fear about what gender-neutral washrooms would mean for public spaces, including universities. While the prevailing argument against these washrooms […]Read More »

  • The week in geek

    The week in geek

    Alright, all you nerds out there, listen up! It’s been a big week full of trailer drops, rumoured release dates and villain reveals. So snuggle up, grab your comic books, tabletop games and crippling insecurities and let’s break this week down. Monday, Sept. 5 After waiting for approximately 100 years for George R.R. Martin to […]
  • Market watch

    Market watch

    Every summer weekend as the sun sinks behind the Fraser River, the Richmond Night Market comes to life. With over 100 food vendors, visitors come in droves for a taste of the exotic. I’m no exception. Refreshing sliced mango served over shaved ice. Tasty breaded chicken cutlets the size of my face. Set against a […]
  • International House of Pancakes

    International House of Pancakes

    If you’re born and raised in Vancouver like me, you’ll notice how many Chinese restaurants are set up all over the Lower Mainland. And if you have an appetite for a hearty meal or simply want to snack on something during lunch, Dim Sum is your best bet. After all, Chinese cuisine isn’t just limited […]
  • The Perfect Wine Pairing for Hotdogs

    The Perfect Wine Pairing for Hotdogs

    Welcome back to school, everybody. How were your summers? Did you spend a lot of time on our lovely beaches drinking a hefty amount of Bomber Brewing’s Park Life Ale? I know I did! But we are back at school and once again need to keep our drinking and eating habits on a budget. For […]
  • The unlearned society

    The unlearned society

    We believe ourselves to be free and enlightened. We are the true beneficiaries of the age of Wikipedia. We are the custodians of a bottomless, saturated world wide web which provides virtually any answer, should you care to look for it. We pride ourselves in being the generation that finally hoisted the banner of gender […]

CSU Carnival

Art Shorts

Arts & Culture

  • Ballers


    Television can get quite lonely when summer arrives. Aside from the lack of shows, there are basically no sports on …
  • The Night Of

    The Night Of

    Admittedly, this summer’s television landscape was overtaken by the craze surrounding Netflix’s Stranger Things, but make no mistakes, just because …
  • Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot

    Mr Robot: the show that everyone couldn’t stop talking about this summer, despite actually premiering a year before. Nobody is …
  • Waiting for Garbo, littered with talent from CapU

    Waiting for Garbo, littered with talent from CapU

    Written by Dawn Moore and Desmond Price, two faculty members of Capilano University’s Theatre department, Waiting for Garbo celebrated its …
  • Suburban Motel: Featuring Loretta

    Suburban Motel: Featuring Loretta

    “Every guy in my life has tried to tell me what to do… I need some time without opinions!” exclaims …