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  • Been caught cheating

    Been caught cheating

    Imagine you’re sitting in your basement after a long week at school, playing video games. This is your first chance to relax all week. Then your phone rings — it’s a call from a former …Read More »
  • A stepping stone along the path towards reconciliation

    A stepping stone along the path towards reconciliation

    In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) made a plea for governments across the country to confront and acknowledge the haunting legacy of residential schools. The TRC’s final report recognized education as …Read More »
  • Finding light in the dark

    Finding light in the dark

    The human mind is a fragile thing where a simple sentence has the power to send our whole world crashing down and where certain smells and songs can make us well up with sadness or …Read More »
  • No more reform

    No more reform

    One of the biggest promises Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made on the campaign trail leading up to the Oct. 2015 federal election was electoral reform. “We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the …Read More »
  • The toll of a broken heart

    The toll of a broken heart

    Breaking up is hard to do, there’s no doubt about it. However, the hardest part isn’t facing your forlorn lover – it’s trying to move on from the experience after it has all played out. …Read More »

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Humans of Capilano

Dominic Guieb Photo

—  Dominic Guieb Photo

“What made you love music?”

“I guess it had always been a way to express my individuality as a person. I've never really just levitated or focused on one certain type or genre. I try to keep myself very open minded to every type of music. Right now, I'm going to a jazz school and I'm preparing myself for a punk show on Friday. I guess it's made me open minded to people too. You can tell a lot about people by the music they listen to.”

“What's the name of your all girl punk band?”

“Club Sofa”

Top Stories

  • CapU instructor to speak at NASA

    Ryan Knighton writes because most people assume a blind man can’t, but he sees it differently. Instead, the internationally acclaimed author and Capilano University creative writing instructor writes because he can put a unique spin on his interpretation of his surroundings, which has brought him speaking arrangements around the world and literary award nominations for his […]Read More »
  • Capilano Board of Governors: Its composition, membership and connection to the BC Liberals

    In all institutions with bicameral bodies, meaning two bodies that form a single government, there is usually debate about which one is most important. In BC, universities are governed by two bodies, the Board of Governors (BOG), which is responsible for finance, lands and assets, and the Senate, which oversees academics. While both governing bodies […]Read More »

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  • Highlights from BC Distilled 2017

    Whether you were a lifelong connoisseur of craft spirits or you simply couldn’t give a dram, the warm glow provided by BC Distilled on Apr. 8 was likely to have won you over. After all, it’s hard not to get excited when you have 34 of the province’s best and most innovative micro-distilleries all lined […]Read More »
  • The naked essence

    Vancouver-based photographer Liz Rosa has always admired the female form, and she insists that her style of boudoir photography is a genre of expression that lets women feel confident in their own skin. While she began her career in the fashion industry shooting swimwear and lingerie, Rosa quickly diverted down an alternative route. She travels […]Read More »

CapU Athletics

Year in review

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  • CAPUBA fosters connections

    For many years, Capilano University Business Alumni (CAPUBA) has been one of the University’s main ties to its graduates. By creating a welcoming community for soon-to-be graduates as well as Capilano University alumni, the association supports the notion that CapU leads in shaping influential leaders even after they have moved on from their alma mater. […]Read More »
  • Upcoming Event

    On Apr. 8, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) is hosting the biggest party of the year, a nautical adventure aboard the Queen of Diamonds yacht launching at 7:30 pm from the Plaza of Nations. The popularity of Rock the Boat for two years prior warranted transforming the year-end yacht party into an annual occasion, and […]Read More »

Top Stories

  • Pepsi has the answer to police brutality

    Pepsi’s latest Kendall Jenner-led commercial may have been intended to celebrate diversity, equality and the end of police brutality, but really though, it’s a classic stroke of the broad brush of white supremacy. The ad clocks in at two minutes and 40 seconds long and depicts Jenner walking through a joyous, peaceful protest by a […]Read More »
  • Attempts to sway opposition party leadership undermine democracy

    It appears in Canada that there’s a movement happening on the left that is directly trying to undermine the democratic process. Certain segments of progressive movements have responded to the Conservative leadership campaigns of Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary by encouraging other lefties to join the Conservative Party and vote against her. This type of […]Read More »

  • Legislature watch

    Legislature watch

    When governments continuously win re-election and form dynasties, these circumstances often produce the illusion that parties like the BC Liberals are “safe” and immune to being voted out. While this is at times the case, all dynasties are subject to close calls, and situations where the opposition looks all but certain to form government. This […]
  • First Nations first

    First Nations first

    Enormous and important change swept upon the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) on Mar. 30, 2017, the Chief and Council Election Day. With 65 per cent of all eligible voters marching to the polls, the TWN saw the election of an all-women chief and council panel, a distinction that has not happened prior to this year. I […]
  • I can code you the world

    I can code you the world

    For many, learning code can be the key to starting a new career and opening up a large, diverse group of employment options based on the programming language learned. Whether learning to develop websites or video games, the fast pace of development is also a natural boredom repellant! Above all, many people value the freedom […]
  • Dropping the f-bomb

    Dropping the f-bomb

    Writing this last Dropping the F-bomb column was a tough one for me. I’ve covered a lot of personal ground in my previous entries, and continue to do so in other publications. What topic could I tap into without being repetitive? Last week, my friend and I had a conversation about the misconstrued notion that […]
  • Get rich or die tryin’

    Get rich or die tryin’

    There are less than three months left until I walk across the stage for my graduation ceremony and I still don’t have decent full-time job with a respectable salary and benefits. Sometimes, I wonder what am I lacking and why employers are nowhere to be found in this city. Is it my work ethic? Applicable […]


Arts & Culture

  • Kitchen gadget reviews

    Kitchen gadget reviews

    Joie Vacuum Wine Pump Bottle Topper $3.99 at London Drugs The only way to figure out if this thing truly …
  • Why food programs have been making the rounds at Vancouver’s craft breweries

    Why food programs have been making the rounds at Vancouver’s craft breweries

    Craft beer lovers have grown accustomed to filling a growler at their favourite local watering hole, but what about filling …
  • Drawing drinks

    Drawing drinks

    Vancouver’s craft beer scene is no longer a secret, and it hasn’t been for quite some time. While the beer …
  • Cheap and easy week-long meals

    Cheap and easy week-long meals

    For most university students, it’s a struggle to afford healthy groceries and even to have the time to cook. It’s …
  • Beerly beloved

    Beerly beloved

    Like any of life’s important milestones, one’s first attempt at homebrewing isn’t likely to be forgotten. Even if the outcome …

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Arts & Culture

  • The Courier’s summer playlist

    The Courier’s summer playlist

    Sweet Life – Frank Ocean Sober – Childish Gambino Stillness is the Move – Dirty Projectors Coming Home – Leon …
  • Feel Infinite

    Feel Infinite

    While Jacques Greene has been a staple in the club music scene for nearly a decade, many don’t realize that …
  • At What Cost

    At What Cost

    Much like his predecessor and Washington-brethren Wale, each passing GoldLink release seems like it’ll be the one to launch the …
  • You Only Live 2wice

    You Only Live 2wice

    For Freddie Gibbs in You Only Live 2wice, comfort is never too close and misery never too far. Using the …
  • Number 1 Angel

    Number 1 Angel

    Number 1 Angel is Charli XCX’s strongest work yet – and it’s only a mixtape. Well, mixtape is a bit …