We’re Hiring!

The Capilano Courier is hiring for the following paid positions, effective from August 2020 to April 2021. Please note: these job descriptions reflect ideal candidates, but we are more than willing to train motivated and energetic applicants if needed.

To apply, send your resume and a brief statement on why you want to work with us to capcourier@gmail.com by July 7. In your statement, please indicate which position(s) you are interested in. For editorial positions, please include 2-5 relevant samples of your work (published or unpublished articles or school work for editor/writer positions; art, design, and layout work for art/design positions).


Art Director

Oversees the overall artistic design of the paper, and produces compelling and relevant art for articles and marketing purposes. Recruits illustrators to produce art for monthly articles. Must be fluent in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Ability to work under pressure is strongly preferred.

Production Manager

Responsible for layout, typography, and graphic design of the paper. Must be fluent in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Ability to work under pressure is strongly preferred. 

Staff Illustrator

Responsible for producing art for selected articles under the direction of the Art Director. Fluency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is preferred. 

Features Editor 

Responsible for pitching, assigning and editing compelling feature stories on a variety of topics. Sources interview contacts for feature stories and oversees the writing quality of the Features section. Interest in and awareness of local and current topics, as well as long-form magazine writing and editing experience, is preferred.

Arts & Culture Editor

Responsible for pitching, assigning and editing arts and culture stories happening on-campus and beyond. Sources interview contacts for arts and culture stories and oversees the writing quality of the Arts & Culture section. A passion for and understanding of the local arts scene is strongly preferred.

Opinions Editor

Responsible for assigning and editing researched and insightful opinions, specifically covering issues related to student interests. 

Humour, Fiction, & Art Shorts Editor

Responsible for the humour, fiction, and art shorts section, ensuring the section has enough compelling creative content each issue. Additional duties may include recruiting humourists and cartoonists, and curating fiction submissions. 

Staff Writer

Responsible for writing 2-3 articles per issue and pitching 1-2 stories per issue. Must be reliable and willing to write for all sections of the paper. 

Marketing & Communications

Communications Manager

Responsible for internal and external communications. Works alongside the Editor-In-Chief to organize meetings, recruit writers and plan events, among other tasks. Manages the paper’s social media channels. Assists the Editor-In-Chief in helping staff and contributors meet the deadlines of the production schedule. Seeks out and coordinates with potential advertisers. Under the direction of the Editor-in-Chief, optimizes web content for searchability. 

Must be able to write clear, concise and compelling social media copy. Strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently are required. Knowledge of SEO techniques is preferred. 

If you have any samples of previous social media or SEO work, please include them in your application. 


Business Manager

Responsible for tracking and logging the publication’s finances, assisting the Editor-in-Chief in distributing payment to contributors, and preparing and submitting the documents necessary for the publication’s annual audit. Ensures the publication’s budget is being adhered to. Must be comfortable communicating with financial officials, including the publication’s bankers and auditor. Knowledge of accounting procedures is strongly preferred. Must be fluent in Quickbooks and Google Sheets.