We’re Hiring!

The Capilano Courier is looking for humour and fiction submissions; columnists; and a Humour, Art Shorts and Fiction Editor for our 2020-2021 publication year.

Fiction and Humour Submissions

Fiction and Humour submissions must be under 1000 words and can be in any genre or style. Please send submissions to capcourier@gmail.com with the subject line “[humour/fiction] submission.”


Responsible for a column article every month, exploring a specific topic.

To apply, please send a brief summary of what it is you’d like to write about and why to capcourier@gmail.com with the subject line “columnist app.” Include four sample ideas on how your topic can be expanded with each column entry. Please also include any professional experience you have with the topic if applicable.

Humour, Fiction, & Art Shorts Editor

Responsible for the humour, fiction, and art shorts section, ensuring the section has enough compelling creative content each issue. Additional duties may include recruiting humourists and cartoonists, and curating fiction submissions. 

To apply, send your resume, a brief statement on why you want to work with us, and 3-8 relevant writing samples to capcourier@gmail.com.