Best of Capilano Awards

Presented by the Capilano Courier

Date: Thursday, February 1

Location: Capilano University, Library Building, Members Centre

Time: 6 – 8 p.m.

The second annual Best of Capilano Awards, presented by the Capilano Courier, will honour the best of the University’s ever exciting community, as voted by the student body. The celebration will take place on Thursday, February 1, at the Members Centre in the Library Building of Capilano University.

Launched in 2017, the Best of Capilano Awards aims to celebrate the many inspiring and success stories that happen amongst the members of the Capilano University community. The awards aim to recognize the individuals and groups who each strive to make the institution the best place it can be, and the individuals and groups who represent the Capilano name on a larger scale with pride and excellence.

Any student at Capilano University may nominate the individual or group they deem to be deserving of a particular category. Nominees are vetted by the Capilano Courier editors and are then released in a ballot, to be voted on by students.

Best of Capilano Award Categories

Best Changemaker

Day in and day out, many members of Capilano University strive to make the institution the best place it can be. The Changemaker of the Year award is presented to the individual that has made the most impactful and remarkable contributions in achieving this goal. As the premier award presented by Best of Capilano, the Changemaker honour recognizes the individual that has worked tirelessly towards creating lasting change for the ever-growing University.

Best Professor

The importance of teachers can never be overstated. As arguably the Lower Mainland’s premier teaching-incentive post-secondary institution, Capilano University’s faculty features some truly outstanding professors and instructors. The Best Professor Award recognizes the teacher that best fosters an educational environment for students, the teacher that best embodies the word, “mentor”.

Best Student Politician

Representing the student body, the executives and liaisons of the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) work tirelessly towards giving the students of Capilano University the best and most unique experience possible. Whether it’s by lobbying for more affordable textbooks, better transit service, or organizing gatherings that shine a light on the experiences of marginalized communities, the CSU exists to put the best interests of students ahead of anything else. The Student Politician Award is presented to the CSU executive or liaison that has best served the interest of the students they represent.

Best On-Campus Student Group

There are many organizations, communities and factions that exist within Capilano University. They may be business associations like the Capilano University Marketing Association (CAPUMA), a CSU-student collective like the Accessibility Justice Collective or the First Nations Issues Collective, they can also be a CSU-club, like the Table Top Role-Playing Club or the Billiards Club. At the end of the day, regardless of purpose, CapU groups strive to make CapU a better place and the Student Group award is presented to the most remarkable team in the bunch.

Best Musician/Group

Music has never come in short supply at Capilano University. With a highly-regarded Jazz Studies program, the school has become a beacon of talented young artists in the Lower Mainland. This award is presented to the most exciting musician/group that is either composed of, or features Capilano University students.

Best Visual Art Piece

Home to the prestigious IDEA program, Capilano University is fast becoming one of the bastions of illustration and design in the Lower Mainland. The Best Student Art Piece honours the most outstanding creation of an IDEA student, that may be overlooked by the rest of the University community.

Best-Dressed Student

In celebration of the sartorially-gifted, the Best-Dressed Student award is presented to the member of the Capilano University community that exhibits the most enviable aesthetic. This is for the hip and preppy, the risk-taker and the trend-starter. This is for CapU’s resident fashionista.

The Chili Pepper Award

The Chili Pepper award is a self-explanatory honour bestowed upon the professor or instructor most deserving of the “Chili Pepper” symbol. No more words are needed.

Unsung Hero

Not all heroes work in an office, in fact, they usually don’t They don’t always work in politics, nor are they always teachers. There are heroes that we encounter every day, but their actions often go unrecognized. The Unsung Hero award is presented to the person(s) that has remained underappreciated, despite their substantial contribution to the Capilano University community.

Best Blues Varsity Team

Exhibiting excellence in both athletics and academics, the Squad Up award is presented to the most outstanding team in the Capilano University Blues Athletics Department. Out of the many representatives of the University, it’s arguably the Capilano Blues who carry the most pressure – after all, they all carry the name “Capilano” on their jerseys.

Best Student-Athlete

A student-athlete is not just expected to perform well on the court or on the field, but also in the classroom. The Student-Athlete of the Year award is presented to the most exemplary member of the Capilano Blues community, both in sport and academia.

Best Event

Despite its long-lasting “commuter school” label, Capilano University is no stranger to campus-based events. Whether it’s a fundraiser for a good cause such as United Way’s campaign, Sustainability Week, or a grand back to school party like the CSU’s Captivate, the school has seen its fair share of exciting events. The Best Event award honours the organizers of the most memorable campus-based event of the past year.

Best Student Film

As Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts program continues to establish itself as the premier film school in the Lower Mainland, it would be remiss to forget the outstanding films and documentaries produced by its students. The award for Best Student Film honours the student-film that exemplifies the many principles that MOPA instills in its students.

Best Performing Arts Ensemble

Whether it’s Exit 22 Productions, “A” Band or NiteCap, Capilano University has time and again proved that it’s a leading institution in terms of prospering live performers. The Best Performing Arts Ensemble is presented to the school’s finest live performers, whether it be music, stage, or any other form of performing arts.

Community Achievement

While student-life can often be overtaken by the sheer workload of academia. Many Capilano University students still find the time and energy to dedicate parts of their life to the betterment of their respective communities. The Community Achievement award honours the student that has made considerable efforts in improving their respective communities.