Finally, a Tinder Experience Without the D*ck Pics

OK Tinder is an improv show worth swiping right on

Jayde Atchison // Staff Writer 

This past May, I was left standing on the corner of Nelson and Homer, mouth agape while watching the man I just went on a date with sprint away from me across the street, never to be seen again (the booty-call a week later is another story). When the date didn’t end with a kiss, I was left in a Roadrunner cloud of dust. Was it my breath? We didn’t get closer than across the dinner table. Did I order too many sangrias? Probably. Was he just the most awkward person to ever walk God’s green earth? Definitely. 

I kept that memory in my arsenal of entertaining, self-deprecating stories. My tale got it’s time to shine while I was sitting in the audience at the OK Tinder—Swipe Right Comedy improv show. The moderator asked for one brave soul to share their most cringe-worthy dating moment to be recreated, and after a pregnant pause, I belted out my memory. Theatresports actress, Clare Filipow, played out my disinterest with near-perfect accuracy (although I would never order a mixed drink of half bellini and half hot toddy). 

At OK Tinder, audience members shout out dating experiences that inspire the upcoming performances. While improv is generally a mix of random topics and situations, OK Tinder is only centred around the good, the bad and the hilarious of dating apps and modern relationships. 

The four actors were asked to pitch a dating app based on an audience member’s initials and came up with Kinky Homes, Camo Girls, Calgary Guzzlers and Kitsilano Orgasms—the dating app where people can get freaky while doing yoga and eating quinoa salads. 

With roughly 37 main stage actors at Theatresports, OK Tinder uses a rotation of performers available each date, making every showing unique in creators and content. “The atmosphere is really relaxed because we work well together,” described Andrew Barber, an actor at Theatresports. “We try to have as much fun as we can on stage.” 

The actors used  three words picked out of a jar to recreate dates, like  “sang showtunes pensively,” “took out teeth” and “texted marriage proposal.” The whole show was tied together when actor David Milchard brought back my bad date during the three-word date “I got dumped.” Looking into the audience, Milchard advised,  “and if you really don’t like someone—run away from them.”  

Showcasing a full spectrum of dating app users, Ok Tinder is relatable to every person with a history of online dating. The show offers a night of witticisms, laughter and an opportunity to make a cringe-worthy memory into a playful one. 

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