Capilano Radio Club Promotes Student Self-expression

A free resource to elevate student voices on campus

Sheila Arellano // News Editor.

As a club that aims to unify voices and connect people within the student community, the Capilano Radio Club (CRC) puts the spotlight on students both on and off campus. Showcasing opinions, talent and works through this form of new media is a priority for the club, and it often highlights initiatives and projects created by Capilano students.

Organized by various groups on campus, the club has allowed faculties to work together in the past and more collaborations continue to emerge as new content is created. Since its genesis in 2017, the club has emerged as a platform for people to start their own podcasts. Today, six podcasts are running, and they are always scouting new talent.

“We have a portable studio that we fundraised for. So, anybody on campus has access to that equipment and can create their own podcasts for free,” said Capilano Radio Club President Will Clements. “It is a really interesting and interactive way to reach students. And super accessible, too.” Through the resources this club offers, the Capilano community has grown as it shares student talent.

The Capilano Radio Club offers a free outlet for career development opportunities and provides students with indispensable experience, crucial for anyone looking to get involved in podcasting or radio. “We spend a lot of time trying to find opportunities for students such as the Vancouver Podcast Festival, which we have applied to get funding for to send four students last year and we’re doing that again this year,” said Clements.“So, even finding opportunities like that through the world of podcasting is really cool.”

When they started as a club, their goal was clear. “We wanted to find a niche here at CapU and create content in a new way, so it’s a bit more interactive,” Clements explained. “By using online platforms, the format is way more engaging. I think that we are meeting the need for online interaction and campus engagement.”

Through this form of audio communication, students have access to information that is timely and crucial. “I think it is so important for people to understand who the student life representatives are and what the communities on campus are doing,” Clements continued. “These things are not going to reach everybody by word of mouth, so the Capilano Radio Club seeks to share these things on and off campus.”

There are various ways for CapU students to get involved and the team is more than happy to answer any questions. Depending on how many people are interested in joining the club, the leaders at the Capilano Radio Club host specialized meetings to welcome new members. Although there are no weekly meetings, the club is flexible and makes an effort to plan around students’ busy schedules. Students who are interested but unsure where to begin are encouraged to email the club for guidance. Clements notes that students will be provided with a survey which will help narrow their interests. Students at Capilano are encouraged to reach out to the Capilano Radio Club as it promotes diverse voices and offers free resources.

More information is available through and questions can be directed by email to

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