CAPUMA Introduces Student Marketer of the Month

CapU’s Kaitlin Wong is the first to receive recognition 

Annalisse Crosswell, Associate News Editor 

The Capilano University Marketing Association (CAPUMA) presented their first Student Marketer of the Month award, a new initiative to give recognition to students in marketing-related courses, last month.  

The award’s first recipient is Kaitlin Wong, director of marketing & web development  for the Capilano Human Resources Management Association (HRMA). Wong runs social media campaigns for all of the association’s events and handles web development for their website. “I was kind of shocked when I won the thing,” she said. 

CAPUMA’s goal with these awards is to recognize the excellence of those outside their own association. “Professors are the ones that nominate them, and we do that because … we don’t want [CAPUMA] to be involved in that process,” said CAPUMA President Rosemary Preckel. “We do believe that recognition should come from faculty.” Recipients of the Student Marketer of the Month award are given a certificate, along with a $5 gift card and promotion across the association’s social media platforms.  

Wong is in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management, which she hopes to finish in the fall of 2018. In the future, she endeavours to continue her work with social media, aspiring to work for big companies in the industry such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. “I just like creating and designing, and playing with Photoshop,” said Wong, “that’s probably why I liked marketing, and then [human resources] was just a good backup plan.” 

Beyond her interests in marketing and human resources, Wong enjoys trying new restaurants around the city, as well as travelling and hiking. Like many others, she hopes to be able to bring these personal interests into her future career. Wong’s ideal marketing job would allow for travel and “if free food is included that’s good too,” she said.  

President of HRMA, Jasmin Grewal, nominated Wong, wanting to acknowledge Wong’s hard work on redesigning the HRMA website and for creating a new look for the association in time for the Fall semester. “…every time I told her to create a poster or fix up the website she was so quick to do it and always had a great attitude towards my input, but she is never afraid to share her input as well,” said Grewal. She sees this award as a great new initiative for the CapU Business Faculty. “CAPUMA is one of the leading associations here at Capilano and the Business Faculty definitely recognizes that, so having the award, I think it creates a competitive drive between students, especially if a faculty member is nominating them,” said Grewal. “It is also nice to see big or small recognition given to students that are working hard at Capilano.” 

Recently, Wong worked on designing promotional posters for a recruitment panel hosted by the HRMA. The panel brought in human resources industry leaders who educated students on what to expect when applying for jobs, focusing on what they personally look for when hiring. 

Wong is the first student to receive CAPUMA’s Student Marketer of the Month award, so keep your eyes peeled to see who follows her in this acknowledgement of excellence. 

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