CSU office renovations to continue through October 

Upgrades look to improve layout and add extra workstations 

Rachel D’Sa // Arts and Culture Editor  


Staff, executives and other members of the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) will have to continue working in the conference room until office renovations finish. The upgrades, which began in late August, are scheduled to finish in early October. The current administration office, located in Maple 116, has long needed important changes. 

The scope of the project is not major, and its focus is on changing the layout of the office to be compliant with privacy legislation. These changes will also create more room to introduce additional workstations in the future. “The renovation will allow us to increase our operational capacity by having a more productive workspace,” said Perry Safari, CSU president and vice-president, finance and services.  

The cost estimate for this project is $170,654. Part of the amount will act as a float for a contingency fund of 10 per cent ($10,800), and allows for unanticipated costs. Ideally, this will not be used. Another expense addressed prior changes made to the building due to code requirements for sprinkler systems. This has led to the legal obligation of installing sprinklers which will cost $12,000.  

It has been at least a decade since the last renovation to the administration office space and the student union also has plans for a new CSU building. At this time, there is no information available regarding when the project will begin or how much it will cost, as the process of getting the plans approved is extensive. As of right now there are no indications as to where the new establishment will be placed with the already limited space on campus. 

Safari spoke about the matter of the process stating, “We have a Joint Steering Committee in which designated CSU directors discuss with University administration on the terms and conditions of a student union building on campus. Our Joint Steering Committee must await the University administration to complete a final draft of their Campus Master Plan before we proceed in our joint meetings. Therefore, the construction of a student union building is dependent on when and how the masterplan draft is completed.” 

Safari went on to say that the renovation is very valuable. The new office floor plan is imperative, playing an important role in the particular staff structure. He also mentioned that throughout the office renovation period, the staff have not at all been affected. Instead, they have been working in the conference room with little to no changes in work productivity. 

This office refresher will provide a more efficient workspace while at the same time securing crucial safety and privacy concerns. Though seemingly unnecessary, due to plans for a new CSU building, the current renovation ensures continued success for the student union and its staff.  

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